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DRAFT - The Family Rights Act
(rev f, 09/21/04)

We will try to make the Family Rights Act an "issue" in our National elections.  Even if one of the "minor" candidates would support the Act -- this would bring a lot of attention and focus.  You can ALL help.  If you know someone, who knows someone working in a campaign -- bring the Family Rights Act to their attention.

Click Here to Read->    The Family Right Act
We need to keep in mind our goals and examples of Non-Violent Action.   No matter what is written it can be easy to say:

  • It is too vague!-- its too specific!

  • You ask for too much! -- you don't ask for enough!

  • Your not helping me!

  • Its revolutionary!  -- its radical!

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There are many things which need correction, we would like to focus on recognition of this right. At the beginning of the Act these basic rights are listed. Questions we'd like your comments on are:

  • Do I agree  this item is a civil right?  (why/why not)

  • Based on what I see as rights -- do the Implementation examples at the bottom of the act do justice to that right.

  • Given my experience -- if this Act was law -- would my family be in a better or worse situation.

Please, please, remember what it was like in the United States prior to the Civil War.  A lot of well meaning people kept slaves or supported slavery -- they may have even felt the right's of the slave were being violated -- but it was for a good reason.

We welcome your comments on our Legislative Forum Page. 

We also have a dedicated Mailing List you can join if you wish to be actively involved with getting this Act introduced and made into law -- check here

We need Congressional sponsors for the Act -- feel FREE  to contact your representative (almost all now get email).   Don't know who they are or their address:
U.S. House of Representatives.
U.S. Senate