9 April 2001

Representative James Walsh
Federal Building, Room 1340
100 S. Clinton Street

Syracuse, NY  13261

Dear Mr. Walsh:

I am a coordinator for a group of parents who are seeking Civil Rights legislation to recognize the basic right of both parents and children to be together. We are not a “Mother’s” group or a “Father’s” group.  We are parents concerned about what has happened to our children.  We have tried to understand that the Judges, Lawyers, and other professionals in the present “system” are doing the best they can -- but often with tragic results. 

Last year we met with some of your local staff to discuss the need for Federal Civil Rights protection for families.  We were very disappointed by your letter of May 1, 2000 – in which you said is was a state issue and that ‘federal intervention would be impossible.’

On Monday, April 16th, members of group are gathering in Syracuse for a meeting and we do plan on visiting your offices to drop off some petitions for reform and to attempt to schedule a follow-up meeting with your staff. Details at : http://www.AKidsRight.org/plan_syr.htm

I certainly hope we will be able to schedule a meeting for a latter date to at least discuss the issue further. There are many mothers and fathers out there who feel that if we have a ‘right to privacy’ and a right to ‘free speech, bear arms, and the freedom of religion.’ – that we may need to officially recognize and protect our ‘right to be with our children’.

Our group spokesperson, Mary Chancellor (Tenessee), can be reached at :
phone :
423-326-0585, email: contact@kids-right.org

                                                                                                            Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                            John Murtari