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Building Manager
Hanley Federal Building
100 S. Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY 13261                                        2 October 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a coordinator for a group of parents who are seeking Civil Rights legislation to recognize and protect the basic right of parents and children to be together. On Monday, October 15th, our group is having a meeting in Syracuse and we will be paying a visit to the offices of our Federal Representatives: Senators Schumer and Clinton, and Representative Walsh.

Some of our group will also spend a few hours outside their offices in another form of petition, by quietly walking with pictures of our children. There will be NO interference with building operation or access or traffic flow. As I did in an earlier event this Spring and last year, we will stay out of people's way. I hope to avoid any problems with security staff and as a courtesy wanted to alert you to our presence. Last year, after all Federal and State charges of trespass, etc… were dropped against me, it was understood that such peaceful action was protected.

Some people have expressed concerns over heightened security after the awful tragedy which occurred last month. I certainly hope that is not used as an excuse for taking action against parents petitioning their government representatives for serious reform. Indeed, we hope our use of NonViolent Action can be seen as an example of the proper way to petition for social change. We treat all people with courtesy and respect - but we also deeply love and seek an equal relationship with our children.

We had hoped such an effort would not be necessary after meetings this spring. That we would already have been in serious discussion about the nature and wording of a Family Rights Act; however, it appears our members of Congress do not perceive this as an important issue (and I can appreciate the fact they have very busy schedules). As part of a positive political process we hope to show them how very, very important this issue is to many people. We hope they will soon find time to discuss the need for serious reform in our nations family law system.

I am happy to speak with you if you have any questions.

Best regards,

John Murtari
635-1968, x-211

CC: Senator Charles Schumer
CC: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
CC: Congressman James Walsh