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From: John Murtari <>
To: "Cheryl Dunlap" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 09:06:47 -0500

> This is Cheryl from southwestern Virginia--Bristol, remember?
> Anyway, I read you account of events here. I and several thousand
> people are in the parents' rights movement; I am primarily involved
> with ANTI-CPS. I hate their guts. The system is so very corrupt
> that it is more than the mind can boggle. Unfortunately, until the
> public becomes AWARE of the American Gestapo, nothing much will get
> accomplished.

Glad to see you are involved specifically with CPS, that is another
awful system. I know some people involved with VOCAL (Victims of
Child Abuse Laws) here in New York -- but as angry as some of them are
about CPS, when I ask the single parents among them about sharing
equal time with the other parent of their children -- they say no and
are not interested. The funny thing is they always tell me what an
"abuser" the former spouse was (but they just couldn't prove it).

I just don't know what to make of it? It is similar to the response I
get from some men (who think this is just a dad's things -- when I
tell them of the women who have lost custody). One guy actually told
me she probably deserved it!?

> ... I've fought these monsters since 4/02. I successfully kept my
> babies. After working 20 hours/day fighting with these thousands of
> parents (I am a national figure, believe it or not) and Virginia
> HATES me and would do anything to get me, but anyway on 9/26 we took
> a nap. Somehow the 23-month-old daughter (My other one will be 4
> Friday--both are the result of extensive fertility treatment and
> artificial insemination--no, I'm not gay, just in my 30s and still
> single; I'm 36 now).

> Anyway, I was arrested on a felony charge or reckless disregard for
> human life. CPS's DREAM COME TRUE. I learned they were going to
> petition for my children. I took them out of state. I was going to
> come back to face trial. A turncoat cousin, for financial gain
> because I deeded a paid-for house to her to get a loan for me
> because I couldn't qualify, called CPS 300 miles away and LIED
> telling them I was going to kill myself and the two baby girls. ALL
> UNTRUE. The next thing I knew I was going to Blockbuster and dozens
> of SWAT team members and dozens of cop cars swarmed me (Hussein
> didn't get this much attention) and they STOLE my babies and locked
> me in a psycho ward until I could get a hearing for 10 days.

> Cousin stole my house and my car, leaving me stranded and unable to
> get back for my arraignment here where I live. I called the court
> and was back the next day. Well, they jailed me for a week then
> gave me an outrageous bail. Unlike you, I CANNOT handle jail; I'd
> rather die.

VERY sorry to what happened. So many people just don't believe that
kind of stuff goes on -- you can end up looking like public enemy
number one.

> My purpose in telling you this is that I hate to see you suffering
> by going to jail when this method at this point in time is NOT going
> to work. I would, however, suggest getting in touch with reporter
> Troy Anderson whose info. is on the aforementioned website. He
> really cares. Also there is a reporter in Maine named Tara Lynn
> Simpson. She did the PBS special on the Logan Marr story "Failure
> to Protect" on Frontline. She's so pissed she's starting a
> newspaper on this issue of the failed, corrupt, unconstitutional
> system. You should be able to locate her by researching maybe the
> PBS series. I sent you a link. I'll ask around in my groups--I
> belong to around 20 groups, hence the 20 hours/day.

> I hate to see you suffer the way you do. Judges are the most
> corrupt bastards there are. They will NOT uphold the law. They will
> NOT admire you. They WILL abuse you and more importantly your
> RIGHTS. You will have lots of evidence to show your son how much
> you love him and how hard you fought for him, but I can assure you,
> that what you're doing now THE TYRANTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT.

> When I was in the looney bin, thousands of people called that
> hospital until they literally took the phones off the hook. When I
> was jailed 3 days later, they did that too to the Commonwealth's
> Atty., jail, courthouse. THEY DID NOT GIVE ONE DAMN.

> So October sucked for me too. I was incarcerated first in the
> looney bin, then jail. I went two months without seeing my babies
> until last Tuesday. The four year old exclaimed, "Mommy! You came
> back for us!" over and over. And "Why did the man take you away?"
> and "I don't want to go back to the lady's house! Listen to me,
> Mommy, listen to me, please, please." sobbing. I have never in my
> life never been that upset and my mother killed herself 10 yrs. ago
> 9/25. My baby who just turned 2 wouldn't even acknowledge me,
> fought to get away from me.

> I throw a birthday party tomorrow with ASSHOLE's supervision, and I
> will make it a double one since I missed the other's 10/11--four
> days after we were all abducted. They don't give a DAMN, but we are
> making progress. Even the Governor in Maine is in on it and people
> on both sides of the aisle. States will have to follow. Fight,
> write, protest on the sidewalk, but please don't torture yourself by
> going to jail because believe me NOBODY CARES--bureaucrat-wise.

> Good luck. We'll get there. I'll start sending you some posts of
> importance.

I can share your feelings and I have similar thoughts about many of
the "officials" involved with my child -- but -- if I am a person of
Faith and I really believe in a loving God, I can't act that out or
call them names.

Personally, I haven't seen any "tyrants" in any of my court
appearances for my recent actions. THe US Attorney and Federal
Magistrate have bent over backwards to 'pull their punches'. If I
would just 'stop' -- they would be relieved.

The problem in getting reform is "us". The anger blocks us from
taking public action. If I just had a couple of more parents with me
(willing to make a voluntary sacrifice), we would get that meeting
quickly with Clinton. We just don't believe enough, or think it will
work..... but I think that will change soon.

Regarding "who cares". I have a quorum there of just three people: I
care, my son certainly cares both now and when he is older, and a
loving God cares -- everything else is a bonus!

I look forward to hearing from you on the above.
Best regards!
John Murtari
Coordinator AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org "A Kids Right to TWO parents"
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