DC Rally 2009 - Who is (should be) leading?

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 16:19:12 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. DC Rally 2009 - starting now!
2. Leadership? - messages from Torm Howse
3. Response to last message - writing to a jailed parent.

In the last few days I saw a series of messages announcing plans for
the DC Rally 2009.  Like many of you, I attended in 2007 and thought
Rev. Ron Smith did a great job on bringing the effort together...


I'll be honest, as I read the plans for 2009 and especially as it
seems Torm Howse is the principal coordinator -- I am concerned.  I've
never liked the 'flame wars' you see in email sometime, and we all
have a bad day where perhaps we should have kept our mouths shut...

But with Torm I've just seen too many accusatory messages and I wonder
what's going on?  You can make up your own minds after reading some of
the messages from him below in section 2.

If there are other groups/individuals coordinating these Rally events,
please let me know and I'd be happy to distribute your info also. Please
take the time to write to a jailed Father....details below.

1. DC Rally 2009 - starting now!
Submitted by: Torm L. Howse, "Freedom News" <indianacrc@earthlink.net>


Greetings, all family rights. This is an open call for recruiting
volunteer leadership of the several required committees as designated
below to complete the goals of this year's Parents Day enhanced DC
Festival 2009, as well as the prior Rally and in-between
activities. To summarize the basics, there are THREE (3) "Phases" of
this entire NINE (9) DAY affair:

Phase 1 - Sat/Sun, July 18/19, DC Rally 2009: speakers, live
entertainment, and etc., at the Lincoln Memorial steps, same place as
2007. See this link [ http://tinyurl.com/d3uqsx ] for photos and
memories of that great success in 2007.

Phase 2 - Mon/Tue/Wed, July 20/21/22, locals and activists in town for
both weekends (Rally+Festival), or arriving early for Festival, or
staying after Rally, etc., to do concentrated, busy lobbying
activities with Congress on various family rights issues, as well as
blitzing local city, state and federal officials in the area for
issuance of their own Parents Day Proclamations. There are currently
*no plans* for any kind of "Rally"/"Festival" speakers, music, or
etc., during these three days, Mon through Wed, but we are focusing on
actual grass roots efforts (i.e., "shoes hitting the pavement") to
produce significant political successes in large measure, with the
various lobbying, getting bunches of Proclamations, and making other
similar types of local DC area church & government & nonprofit
connections initiated and/or established, in person.

Phase 3 - Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, July 23/24/25/26, DC Festival 2009:
speakers, live entertainment, seminars, and various fun activities,
including the Parents March, commence from Upper Senate Park and
nearby hotels, with mini-events happening in the surrounding area. See
this link [ http://tinyurl.com/d85akc ] for photos and memories of
that great success in 2008.

ALSO, however, on the exact same weekend as the Festival, there are
expected to be local-government-paid "activities" happening all over
the Nation for celebration of Parents Day, since that is the essence
of the clear and simple federal statute. This means that there will be
numerous local events happening everywhere, and we will arrange
"simulcast" video feeds in between DC and other major event locations,
so there will also be unity in Spirit across the country that weekend.

                  Committees / Teams / Squads:

Again, there are three distinct Phases to this nine-day affair, and
the majority of the following committees/teams/squads are planned
specifically for doing the Festival on the longer Parents Day weekend,
while certain of them can be, and are also expected to be,
'multi-phase' groups, helping on things that will be shared as
"overhead" to this entire "Parentstock" event.. Most of the needed
links to various resources were already identified and brought
together on this main collections page last year [
http://unitedcivilrights.org/DCFestival2008.html ], a couple of other
links collections pages are already available, too, and most of the
Committees below need only to take the portions of information that
are relevant to their objectives, and run with it, by reviewing and
updating if needed, so as to present fellow leadership and the general
public with true information that is helpful and actually distributed
and used, increasing the participation and results, and thereby
accomplishing their goals. Other teams will be intelligently blazing
some new grounds to achieve their own successes.

Awards Committee -- This entire thing is volunteerism based, and
therefore, the activists and organizations that do the most work, pull
off the biggest successes, and etc., should be well rewarded for the
merits they have earned, and in public grand style. To do that, this
team will keep watch of the movement at large, and take notes of who
is doing what the best out there, not only for building the DC event,
but in various other important successes around the country. While a
simple budget for merely printing fancy color certificates should be a
snap, we will certainly plan for much nicer awards this time,
including multiple signatures affixed, probably like at least also
laminating, maybe some of them framed, and possibly trophies as we can
afford it. This team will strive to be the watchful eyes and ears of
the entire family rights movement, in order to give good credit where
credit is due. Include nice awards for corporate sponsorships. Also,
include several "State" awards for most this/that/per-State,
etc.. Most of the various awards will be publicly presented on Parents
Day during the designated ceremony for all, while a select few might
be presented upon earlier occasions.

Hot Rod Squad -- There are certain known people that have
custom-painted vehicles regarding family rights. While the beautiful
CRISPE Bus is the most notable example, Ken K out of Connecticut has a
great-looking Jeep all dressed up for getting the word out on the
streets, I have seen a few simple examples of "stencil" painting
across pickup truck sidewalls and stepvan panels, plus F4J and others
have used those mobile advertising units at some events, etc... This
Squad will strive to (1) locate all such known vehicles having custom
painting for family rights, (2) pull together resources to help able
others get their own vehicles painted similarly in time, (3) help
connect different event hosters and these vehicles together, by
leapfrogging per-event fundraisings to get those vehicular attractions
around to our events better, and (4) making sure that all these
vehicles make it to the DC extravaganza in late July, for street
parading and whatever else. Also, this Squad will connect with the DC
Fire Department Chief (who was VERY anxious to help last year, with
TWO trucks!) in early July, to make the necessary arrangements, and
will look for other DC-local custom vehicles to recruit and come join
our fun.

Books & Movies Club -- This team of people handles recruitment of
professionals/experts within the family rights world that have
produced friendly movies or have authored friendly books, to come this
year (again?). See last year's Master Schedule [
http://www.editgrid.com/user/indianacrc/DCFestival2008 ] for several
great examples of both types of needs. This Club will seek to recruit
more of the same kind of *motivated* notable people to come present
their media this year, plus remind them to also bring plenty of copies
to sell to the general public, since we cannot provide expenses or
fees, nor allow any charging of admission to hear them speak on their
subjects, or, in the case of movies, to view the movies, etc. As a
reminder, there are several excellent family-rights-friendly movies
made over the years, that could be used as needed for filler, since
the plan again includes a generous allotment of conference room time
for having movies and book signings.

Lobbying Committee -- See "Phase 2 - Mon/Tue/Wed, July 20/21/22", at
the top, for full details of this goal's need for strong leadership
and excellent coordination skills, as the Committee in overall charge
of these intense human efforts.

Grievances Committee -- On the Friday of the Festival weekend, we want
to file some sort of formal public complaints with and at each: The
United States Supreme Court; The U.S. Department of Justice; and, The
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These represent,
respectively: (1) the loss of parental rights and failure to uphold
them; (2) the outright fraud and other crimes being perpetrated by
family courts, cps agencies, and related units; and, (3) the
absolutely failed policies, total mismanagement, reckless financial
waste, etc., of the government in regards to preserving the
traditional American nuclear Family unit. The individual "submissions"
of each of these three complaints (although they could actually also
be structured as one larger legal complaint, etc.), are to each have
its own timeslot and supporting rally of people for whatever
presentation of "serving" the three can be determined and leveraged
for video recording and so forth.

Sleepover Squad -- Handling the hotels, motels, hostels, campgrounds,
stay with local residents, weekly rental houses, and etc. in the DC
local area for all incoming activists to sleepover at.. Most of these
kinds of different links are already gathered and available for
immediate use. Plan on using something online to manage
groups/sharings/nights... As part of hotels, this Squad will also
negotiate with the five (5) hotels nearest Upper Senate Park for the
best overall deal with a large block of guest rooms plus four (4)
conference rooms, larger than those used last year, using open
competition between the hotels as needed, since the hotel offering the
best overall deal will automatically become "headquarters", and so
most of our incoming visitors will want to be at that same hotel,
too... Squad should eventually designate 2-3 of 'our' known visitors
staying at each of the different "main hotels", both at the adjacent
five and also others around town, as 'communications officers', in
order to relay important news out to groups of our own guests staying
at the different hotels, at the campgrounds, etc., including posting
each morning's update on all DC activities status. This Squad may work
with the members of Team America on DC-regional sleepover stays, as
they can. To keep it fair all around, no one should expect to get free
hotel room nights just for working on this Squad and being part of the
direct hotel negotiations, please.. Instead, let the best deal
"margin" go totally into achieving the largest possible four
conference rooms, as the priority. Hint: with a big enough block of
total "room-nights" reserved/agreed, conference rooms become greatly
discounted, or even free.

Team America -- Using something like this color-coded US interstate
map as a starting point, this Team will help DC
Rally/Festival/Parentstock visitors from all over the U.S. coordinate
their ridesharings/caravans, also matching up residential activists
for sleepovers of travelers coming through their way, as much as
possible. As if not enough challenge, consideration must be given to
the fact that there are literally two (2) waves of travelers coming
and going during the entire Parentstock event of nine days, with
to/from regarding both weekends, and the additional fact that some
people will want to come for the Rally, but not return until after the
Festival. This still equates to four (4) "ranges" of main traveling,
surrounding each of the two weekends. Finding the right technology
will be KEY to fundamental attendance sizes at this year's DC events,
since large audiences simply cannot be humanly/manually handled. "Have
seat"/"Need seat" must be combined with "To/From" and the relevant
departure/arrival dates desired, to bring together a fully automatic
system capable of handling large numbers of people successfully. Also,
don't forget what "The Call" did to bring many thousands to DC last
year a few blocks away from us, and look into other systems that
organizations have used to handle large numbers of people, too. There
are three main goals of this Team: (1) dramatically assisting the
coordination of sharing/cutting traveling costs; (2) collecting
stuffed animals [new in the box/bag, only, must be sterile/new] for
public-ceremony donation in DC to the nearby Children's Hospital; and,
(3) leveraging our numbers of people coming through plus the appeal of
requesting stuffed animals for donation to children, to create
mini-events in the twenty-plus major cities that are the best-by-far
"stopover" points for caravans coming thru (colored city dots on map
above), further inviting each local city media, ahead of time, to put
out the word for stuffed animal donations collection at that stopover
point. It does work.. Remember - there will be TWO major "waves" of
people coming through each major city on the way to DC, for each of
the two weekends of activities at our overall Parentstock. So, each
local media gets two main/big chances to help us on the way thru. lol.

Parents March -- Even bolder than the famous "Justice March" last
year, F4J will lead all other orgs and activists on a new march route
this year that also takes us through the busy shops and people! While
not technically one of the overall Festival's 'committees', please
contact F4J directly for further info on this coming wake-up call for
the DC newscast area.

Midnight Bright -- At approx 11:55pm on Saturday night, July 25th, we
want to "ring in" the arrival of Parents Day, by lighting candles in
celebration and memory, perhaps some quiet speakings and/or readings,
and keep those lights burning until at least 5 mins after the
hour. Exact downtown DC location to be determined yet. Indeed, the
same thing should be planned as part of other such Parents Day events
locally held around the country. For DC, though, we need to plan on
using those battery operated candles, since most of the grounds
locations within downtown DC are a 'no-no' for open flame of any
sort... This team will also help coordinate a uniform theme being used
at all such candlelight events, nationwide.

Food Committee -- Believe it or not, our visitors would very much
appreciate local food information all summarized and mapped, so as to
know what and where to get some quick eats during all of these
Parentstock activities. In addition, this team may well be able to
arrange little lunch and dinner group food events, so as to get good
per-person discounts, too. Remember, this year the Festival will still
have simultaneous tracks of activities, but we are uniformly pausing
all of those activity tracks, so as to provide designated lunch and
dinner break-stop time periods, for all to mingle and share better.

Live Entertainment Committee -- You know, the singers, bands, and
other performers, whether coming from out of town, or recruited from
there in the DC local area. Many online resources/links are already
available from last year. This team will also handle putting together
the actual stage, itself, plus microphones, sound and other public
address equipment, and also making sure we have plenty of audio power
this year to rock out downtown DC, including portable generators and
such if needed, if there isn't enough built-in power already near the
edge of the grass/sidewalk on the "front" side of the fountain at
Upper Senate Park - i.e., we will be facing Constitution Avenue and
the White House this year. We are looking to fill 30 min and 45 min
slots of variously-different live entertainment, especially slanted
towards recognizing The Family as possible, with totals per day at:
Thu-23rd (~1.5 hrs), Fri-24th (~2 hrs), Sat-25th (~3 hrs), and
Sun-26th (~1.5 hrs). The Live Entertainment Committee may work with
Main Grounds on setting up any special effects outside the stage, or

Main Grounds -- This team will handle getting the permit(s), as more
than one may be required this year, and coordinating and managing all
other things "main grounds", such as booths-tables-chairs for
organizations, providing folding chairs and such other for the general
audience in the main grounds around the outdoor stage, maybe some
decorations around the grounds area, for certain a few "info center"
printed billboards on poles or something in a few corners of the Park,
etc., as well as also arranging any facepainters, mimes, balloons for
kids, and such things to be happening in the Park for the appeal to
the general public, and for general enjoyment by all. Make it fun,
please, because it's for the kids, too. This team should plan on
touching bases with Live Entertainment and the Hot Rod Squad from time
to time.

Corporate Relations -- Not that "we" are acting corporate, but that
this leadership team will focus on gaining sponsorship, endorsements,
and things like that, specifically from the largest corporate entities
out there. Creative examples include seeking supporting displays on
the semi-truck trailers of top interstate carriers around the country,
our messages used as temporary "filler" on "vacant" billboards along
the highways, and etc.. The members of this group will work often with
the Multimedia Moguls, and must also be highly skilled in writing, and
very professional in verbal communications, appearance, negotiations,
and all relevant etc.

Multimedia Moguls -- This is one of the most fun and creative groups,
i.e., the Journalism type people, who will all be the geniuses behind
teamwork production of both individual and "themed" sets of multimedia
distributions regarding the DC events -- making the appealing flyers
in PDF and other formats for distribution, the mesmerizing videos on
YouTube and in other ways to spead the word visually, brilliant "grab
your attention" graphic images, and creating catchy single-line
blurbs. Try to always remember about Time Zones, when and where
appropriate for event messaging detail, if the flyer, video, image, or
etc. will be distributed online across the entire Nation... This
creative team will use writing, graphics, audio and video to inspire
America to participate in our supporting events, especially focusing
on the coming DC extravaganza and for Parents Day, also using press
releases, creating short radio/audio promos, or any other useful media
device to quickly capture a reader's attention and follow through. The
goal is to produce and release newly-enhanced sets of their various
multimedia messages by the end of each month leading up to the DC
events, which can then be distributed out by the Shout Out Squad to
activists all over cyberspace, and by activists making local public
connections, thru rallies, or etc.

Shout Out Squad -- Already rather established as "ECOMM" on various
networks, this team of people is unlike most of the other teams, in
that it should keep growing as many numerous members as it can, and
there really is but a single, large task - simply spreading the
Multimedia Moguls' various messaging products all over creation, by
plastering across every conceivable angle on the big social networks
(Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Tagged, Twitter, etc.,
etc., etc.), by adding "comments" on all relevant big newspaper
articles online, by posting on the messaging boards for all the
biggest sports collections online (i.e., in the Nascar Network public
boards, in MLB's same, etc.), and all sorts of ways to broadcast
bigger and bigger, faster and faster. The actual leadership of this
team should essentially coordinate the various many "saturation"
efforts of the different types of ways to broadcast our messages out
to the public everywhere.

Celebrity Crew -- Just like it sounds, the mission of this team is
purposefully to break through the various kinds of communications
hurdles to get through to celebrities directly, or at least their
managers/agencies, to try and recruit as many as we can get to come to
the DC events.. call it "Parentstock" and these negotiations might get
an easier boost.. We would certainly, of course, love to have a few or
even several true-blue public celebrities come and celebrate the
Parents Day weekend with us. The more the merrier, by using fan sites,
the performers' own sites, and anything else.

Ambassador Club -- Having already received more than one overseas
inquiry about coming to DC to attend the Festival, I am confident we
should now actively recruit "ambassadors" from around the world to
come join our historic occasion, and even invite them to speak briefly
on the status of things regarding government and family in their own
countries. I would personally appreciate the members of this team in
achieving at least several recruitment/attendance successes coming
from several different English-speaking countries overseas, as well as
from Canada and Mexico, etc.  We can also setup one of the conference
rooms for an "International" event, sometime on either/both that
Saturday and/or Sunday.

Ground Zero Gang -- A forerunner to some of the things happening as
part of "Phase 2" (see top), this team will strive to know about every
other event occurring in the downtown DC area at the same time as our
nine days, especially the two weekends, and will make inquiries with
the relevant other event organizers on maybe sharing/trading/etc., and
stuff like that. Also, this team will make initial connections with
all sorts of church, nonprofit, and local/state/fed government in the
nearby area, to help setup for Phase 2 later on, and also including
invitations for their speaking at our major event, and/or to give
friendly-relevant seminars or presentations in one of our conference
rooms, and other ways to connect "us" together with "them" for
activity, endorsement, etc., long prior to the DC events eventually
happening in late July of this year.

Festival Scheduling -- Some of the committees/teams/squads above will
have need to sporadically coordinate with overall scheduling of the
designated activities happening everywhere on the long Festival
weekend.  Frankly, I personally handled that entire role last year,
apparently did well enough with the best such tool to be featured
online, and I will take care that a nice, flowing multi-track schedule
develops again, so that people with different "family rights"
interests may focus on particular "tracks" while at the Festival, if
they want, or switch tracks, etc.  However, this year, I will provide
editing access to individual leaders of certain
committees/teams/squads that will facilitate the overall
scheduling. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, to ensure the
highest security and a continually-congenial work environment.

Speakers & Seminars -- Just like it sounds, but not as easy as it
sounds, I can promise you that. One of the busiest teams, by sheer
amount of communications, this leadership group will arrange and
coordinate requests and invitations for individuals and other entities
to either speak on the main stage in Upper Senate Park, and/or to hold
seminars or other kinds of family friendly presentations within one of
the available conference rooms. Because the overall event *must* be
balanced regarding our different plights and issues of the modern
American Family, the leaders here, who will work often with (and may
also be dual-time as) Festival Scheduling, will likewise be confirmed
on an individual case-by-case basis.

                   Conference Calls & General Notes:

If you are interested in volunteering your leadership for this truly
historic event, please ensure that you are joined into one of the
supporting monthly event "Causes" on Facebook, Ning, MySpace and/or
Yahoo! -- all of which are listed and linked on this page together [
http://unitedcivilrights.org/conquest09.html ] -- where you will
obtain the further details including conference call information and
such, or you may also simply indicate one to three of the above
committees that you would like to help lead in teamwork, by emailing
me directly at indianacrc@earthlink.net with those selections listed,
and I will then direct you onward to the right place(s).

There will be two multi-committee-leadership conference calls hosted
this week, on Wednesday late night (Eastern Time, 11pm to Midnight: 1
hour), and again on Saturday early evening (Eastern Time, 5pm-7pm: 2
hours), with brief overview, Q&A, actual hookups and designations of
team leaders, etc.  Last year, we quickly organized the Festival,
starting from scratch nothing, with only 3 core leaders plus a dozen
or more main floating task assistants, in only roughly 60 days.. This
year, the plan includes the above 20 committees, teams, squads, and
clubs, each with its own group of perhaps 3-10 activists working
together, with pretty much all of the needed information already
available from last year, and with still 160+ days left to go until
'show time'...


And, thanks yet again, for your excitement in building up the world's
largest "block party" for Parents.

It is with YOUR true help, that we shall succeed this coming July,
big-time, like never before seen.

Sincerest Regards, 
Mr. Torm L. Howse 
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
United Civil Rights Councils of America
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Trustee,
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization - US

2. Leadership - messages from Torm Howse
I (John Murtari) saw these messages (below) go by on some groups and I
can't help but comment.  I wouldn't normally respond to an individual
rants, but when that person represents 'leadership' -- I have a bit
more concern.

Similar to Teri, a few months ago I got some weird Email from Torm,
accusing me of 'suspicious' activity.  I had to laugh when I saw him
mention my name in accusations about Teri -- those 'strange' messages
were the same thing he was questioning me about months ago.  I just
let it go back then and didn't make it public - perhaps that was a

I read the 'potty mouth' message he sent and the wild accusations and
I felt like I was in Family Court again and Torm was the lawyer for
the other side.  I have no independent facts about Torm or what he has
been through in his life.  But I am sure that he should be considered
unfit for leadership within this reform movement.

That other folks on the group just considered the exchange to be "6 of
one OR half-dozen of the other" surprised me.  I have now known Teri
Stoddard for years, and quite honestly, she is one of the most
'stable' leaders in the movement for reform and she has given a lot
without any real profit to herself.  We don't always agree, but she
has treated me with courtesy and her heart is in the right place.

Like I said, I don't normally 'call out' individuals for bizarre
conduct/comments -- but when someone is acting out of Leadership, I do
believe we have a duty to speak.  Oh, Oh, I guess that means you can
comment on me if desired - be kind! 

(Message below quoting Torm Howse)


   > "I am also renewed in my suspicion of your true involvement in
   > running John Murtari's website and email communications during at
   > least the last time he was falsely jailed.  I now need to know
   > why, Teri Stoddard, when multiple times I had went to great legal
   > research on my own time for John and emailed to "John's" various
   > email addresses, regarding filing of an immediate habeas corpus
   > to get him quickly OUT of jail on very solid legal grounds, that
   > it seemed that absolutely *none* of those critically important
   > communications ever "made it" to him, and he was just left in
   > jail???  I now also need to know why, Teri Stoddard, who has/had
   > access to John Murtari's email accounts, did "John" suddenly
   > start emailing several leaders in the movement just before the DC
   > Festival, amazingly questioning the very purpose of even having
   > our grand event?  Why was there even repeated instances of such
   > distracting emails to some of us directly involved with the DC
   > Festival - the same event that you should have easily been able
   > to attend, considering the many connections that you profess to
   > have, and surely would seem to have."


   > "... Murtari never received vital legal information while he was
   > in jail and you were in charge of his email, and various other
   > issues reporting in from other California residents.. some of
   > them deeper insights into stuff I was previously trying to give
   > you the benefit of the doubt of, but I don't think so now.  And
   > there are still some unanswered questions about the strange "why
   > do a Festival for only those kinds of parents" emails coming
   > supposedly from "John", Teri.. may be, but ok, now I think I'm
   > gettin' it.. And speaking of that same kind of security issue
   > regarding Murtari while he was in jail, now that it just now
   > dawns upon me that, omg, you are acting like you are now
   > 'working' with Donald here..."

   > "...Yeah, right. Fuck that crap. Events aren't done on
   > money. They are done on peoples' wills to get it done, and it's a
   > matter of faith, at the bottom line, everytime. You are not going
   > to grow up and become a doctor unless you *want* to - damn money
   > or no money. Back in December of 2006, some electronic handle
   > that called itself "Minister Ron Smith" joined my IndianaCRC Y! 
   > Group. I thought that was interesting enough, but then a couple
   > days later, when he wrote to me privately, and simply asked 'what
   > it is going to take to make the difference' or something very
   > similar, the Spirit inside me prompted me to go ahead, stop
   > whatever it was I was doing at the time, and just spill it all
   > out to this unknown-to-me person. So I did.. In the next several
   > paragraphs in response, I explained the movement history in a
   > nutshell, and concluded by simply suggesting that we needed to
   > copy what the illegal immigrants had done in May of that year -
   > stage a 1.1 million person protest, which brought our mighty
   > Congress to its very knees, that same evening.. Hence, a couple
   > weeks later, after he had looked into things a bit more, the
   > Rally > Rally > Festival track was born.  People knew that Ron
   > and I had our "agreed understanding" about asking the movement
   > for money, but people didn't generally know that we were friends
   > on a unique level. As trivia, when Mike and Molly called me about
   > Ron's sudden passing a few hours earlier, I wasn't even shocked
   > or surprised hardly at all, for some reason, most notably that I
   > had already begun to understand the "bigger picture plans"
   > shortly after the Festival happened, and somehow instantly
   > remembered - I submit, was prompted - that his middle name is
   > Elijah, and that Ron's own Spirit was being released for bigger
   > plans we may not understand yet, or may soon enough.. At the
   > time, of course, that would not have been the appropriate thing
   > to reveal, what with grieving and so forth, but make no mistake -
   > the various faith-driven events in our movement this year have
   > ushered in tremendous change, coming soon."

Feb 09

   > "...Yes, I can think of one client's work, that of Donald Tenn in
   > California, that Teri Stoddard, a perverted sexual deviant with a
   > radical feminist agenda who has been trolling around within the
   > family rights movement dishonestly, creating chaos at several
   > turns, and also undermining honest efforts towards needed goals,
   > has directly interferred with in great and sick measure
   > recently. Poor Donald, he has been greatly deceived and injured
   > by Ms. Stoddard's devious character, who willfully created such
   > divisional left-field drama between Donald and myself. Sadly, it
   > is really not all that surprising, when you consider and review
   > Teri Stoddard's continually Bible-phobic rants and raves on the
   > public airwaves, and her history of causing chaos in the family
   > rights movement. Teri is typically witnessed as being directly
   > against the very foundation of what the family rights movement
   > stands for, demonstrated by her continual examples of
   > purposefully creating dissension within family rights
   > organizations such as LiveBeatDads, Fathers-4-Justice, and
   > others, her willful encouragement of gays and lesbians appearing
   > on her online activist map, also condoning the perversions of
   > full frontal nudity profile pictures upon the same, purposefully
   > creating and disgustingly interjecting even more of her
   > false-divisional tactics of sexual perversion into the sanctity
   > of the family rights movement by way of her revolting 'Jugs for
   > Justice' website, by intercepting and preventing important legal
   > information meant to help get John Murtari out of jail and
   > instead willfully allowing him to suffer unlawful incarceration,
   > and such other types of horribly treasonous actions, time after
   > time after time and again"

3. Response to last message - writing to a jailed parent.
In our last message we included some info about a hunger-striking parent
in a Connecticut jail.  We have a large list, over 5000 people, and asked
folks to write the prisoner and let us know.

We got a total of THREE parents who wrote to the individual.  If you
have time, please send a letter! Let us know.

Here's a brief excerpt from the original message:

---- http://www.AKidsRight.org/archive/archive2009/0004.html

  It's taken a while to get some good details, but I'd encourage you
  to write the following parent who is on a hunger strike and wants to
  die in jail.  The news links and excerpts below will give you the

  Mr. William Coleman  (3-305106) 
  1153 East Street South,
  Suffield, CT 06080

  Our mailing list has over 5000 members right now, not counting
  redistribution.  If you write Mr. Coleman, let me know.  In a few
  days I'll send out a message that summarizes our response to another
  parent in trouble....

  What is the truth in this matter?  I don't know.  But I do know he
  is a parent.  I do know his right to presumed a FIT & EQUAL parent
  to his kids is not recognized in our society.  I do know he has two
  sons who still have the potential to love him very much.

  I will write him and ask him to change his approach and use non
  cooperation.  As always, only he knows the fullness of his
  situation, what he has been through, and what he is capable of
  doing.  After getting his eventual freedom, to 'voluntarily' accept
  jail as part of a peaceful action would send a more powerful

  Being 'dragged' into jail by the system usually makes a poor
  platform for reform.  It's easy to call it an 11th hour
  conversion. Perhaps more effective for him (and for us) to simply
  sacrifice our freedom in NonViolent Action -- then the message is
  clear.... (more at link above)

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