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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2009 - 15:19:27 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

I wanted to pass on a message from Mr. Angelo Lobo, the Producer of
the Movie "SUPPORT? System Down."  If you haven't yet heard about the
movie, they have a great web site:

This was a small 'budget film' and they need our help in getting it
promoted and in telling our story.  I've seen the film with other
people (who haven't been through the system), and they are just
amazed.  A common comment is, "I just can't believe that type of stuff
goes on..."

Right now they are offering a 30 minute, sneak-preview DVD, and giving
you full credit toward the purchase of the complete movie when it's
released.  It's professionally packaged and great to show to family &
friends who still don't understand what you have been through, or for
use at a meeting, or to leave with legislative staff.

Angelo really does care about the reform effort and this is a chance
for us to also show our support.

Submitted by: Angelo Lobo <>

I need your help. Would you be so kind and send this out for us today
in hopes for some sales or donations. We really have to meet deadlines
with festivals and we have no funding for it. Thank you for the help.

We have changed the offer for the Sneak Peek on our site to below:

the best deal to own the SNEAK PEEK. If you like what you see use the
credit to buy the full version of the movie when its released late
this year. The proceeds from your purchase help us make submission to
festivals and push for national distribution. GO TO:

In addition, everyone that has already purchased a copy of the DVD in
the past will have a credit (not including shipping and handling) on
the full version coming out late this year.

If anyone wants to help this movie and get the word out about the
injustice happening to parents in FAMILY COURT, please make a donation
of $5, $10, $25, $100 or whatever your budget calls for today. You can
also become a sponsor and be added to our website for contributions of
$200 or more. You will be added to our website along with photo or
logo. They will also receive a FREE Support? T-Shirt and SNEAK PEEK

We are looking forward to showing Support? System Down in 3 states
this year (including Michigan) before the DVD release on our
website. So if anyone would like to contribute please go to and send contributions to Thanks again for supporting SUPPORT?.

Angelo Lobo

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