Parental Rights/ Trouble with Summer DC events/ Frauds & Leadership?

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Apr 04 2009 - 10:57:35 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. Parental Right's Amendment - your thoughts?
2. DC Festival/Rally 2009 - in trouble?
3. Movement FRAUDS exposed? - by Torm Howse.
4. Thoughts on poor behavior - by Lary Holland.

1. Parental Right's Amendment - your thoughts?
[ Many of you have heard about the Parental Right's Amendment.  Do
you know what it says?  Would it have made a difference for you and
your family?  Most importantly, what are you willing to do in support?
Read the message and links below. Your FEEDBACK is welcome on this.
I'd like to feature your thoughts in our next list message - John ]

Submitted by: "Cecile Allcock" <>

March 31st, Representative Pete Hoekstra (MI) and Senator Jim DeMint
(SC) [held] a joint press conference at Upper Senate Park, next to the
Russell Office Building in Washington, D.C., to announce the
introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment in both houses of
Congress. (Great quality, interesting

What the Amendment says:

Section 1 - The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and
education of their children is a fundamental right.

Section 2 - Neither the United States nor any state shall infringe upon
this right without demonstrating that its governmental interest as
applied to the person is of the highest order and not otherwise

Section 3 - No treaty may be adopted nor shall any source of
international law be employed to supersede, modify interpret, or apply
to the rights guaranteed by this article.

2. DC Festival/Rally 2009 - in trouble?
I wanted to 'carefully' bring this up in the hope an expression of
concern, followed by some action, might get some events on track
toward success.  The primary issue with both is: Who is in charge?

This came up in an earlier message:

        DC RALLY 2009

The DCRally2009 site has not changed in months. I was contacted by
some folks helping with organization, but there is still no clear
statement of leadership for the event?  It appears the person that
holds the US Park Service Permits to use the grounds cannot be

I've never been a believer in managing 'spin' or an 'image'.  There
may be some real problems here and it's always a shame to see
something fall through.  We are all busy, a lot of things to do, and
I'm sure all the present organizers are trying, but resources appear
pretty limited (especially money).

I'd like to be able to give you an email address for contact, but
there is not a clear leader/mission for the event (it seems).  If this
is resolved and there is some clear leadership, please send me some
info and I'd be happy to broadcast it.  The event held in 2007 was very
nice.  It would be great to see that success repeated!

                    DC FESTIVAL 2009

As far as I know, the 'leadership' is clear on these events and web
sites, Mr. Torm Howse <>

His abusive style of leadership was also mentioned in that prior list
message.  We all have bad days, say something that came out wrong or
lose our patience.  We're human; however, we expect a certain level of
common courtesy from folks who attempt to lead us.  If a mistake
occurs, an apology and change are welcome.  That just doesn't seem to
be happening here?

Read some messages below - your thoughts on this behavior are welcome.
What should be out of bounds?  I'm sure Torm would also welcome your
thoughts and feedback.

3. Movement FRAUDS exposed! - by Torm Howse
[ I was made aware of a couple of recent list messages and plans for
an 'expose' internet radio show by Torm -- but people seemed afraid to
say anything?  It was like the McCarthy hearings of the 50s!

Please read the messages for yourself; and I also ask you to read a
'counter-point' I got from Lary Holland on this type of issue at the
end of this message.

Some profanity replaced by $ to get through some message filters.  Go
to the yahoo links to get original text.- John ]


From: Mr. Torm L. Howse <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 7:27 AM
Subject: [PAAO-US] *LIVE* - Movement FRAUDS exposed; Hauled into Federal

LIVE, on the radio, this coming Saturday night:

A full throttle, wide-open exposť "TELL-ALL" show, like you have NEVER
experienced before.


I will be very candidly naming NAMES and naming ORGANIZATIONS that
dishonestly lurk within this overall family rights movement, along
with the facts and background histories of these outrageously
fraudulent, lying, cheating, backstabbing, divisive and abusive people
and organizations that have been falsely hurting good people within
our same movement..

.. i.e., intentionally harming good advocates that work hard to save
children and families, in their wicked schemes.

Yes, not only am I finally letting rip loose on these various
"activists" that have been telling and spreading terrible, horrible,
fantastic LIES about me all over the internet, I will also be telling
the absolute God's-honest TRUTH about other people and orgs who have
been falsely attacked, as well.  There will be NO holding back on this
one, folks, and you will be AMAZED, even SHOCKED, and most likely VERY
ANGRY, at just how much, how often, and for how long that YOU have
been *deceived* by these horrible, selfish, evil people..  And, I
*have* the documentation or other means to *prove* every single bit of

Some of these frauds are VERY well-known, to likely most everyone in
the family rights movement, and some of them have even been treated
like "stars" of the movement for a long time, even years...  That's
right: I said, "years".. as in.. plural..  And I should know, too,
because I have been neck-deep in this movement for 11 years,
living/breathing/working/sleeping nothing but family rights, pretty
much 365/24/7, for that entire time..  i.e., I basically know
everybody that matters..


We are *not* talking about the mere low-level type of "infighting"
that way too many people have seen in this movement before (sadly),
for far tooooo long, in sooo many disappointing ways, between sooo
many different "factions" and so forth.  No, in this situation, we're
talking about the worst of the worst lurking within our movement --
the really, really nasty ones.

We're talking about KNOWN people who KNEW they were lying to you, who
knew they were falsely harming people, who have committed actual
prosecutable crimes, who knew they were defrauding the family rights
movement, and some of whom even *knew* they were criminally violating
the law..  These people are the worst kind, and *because* they have
knowingly done these things against good people who do good work out
there (not JUST me..), and a lot of good work, these terribly EVIL
people are also going to be: (1) civilly sued in the federal court at
Phoenix for MILLIONS in damages - seriously; (2) have various kinds of
felony charges prosecuted against them vigorously in different
jurisdictions ; and (3) also thoroughly *decimated* in other areas of
their lives... i.e., frankly, I do NOT care if these monsters end up
choosing suicide as the ONLY way left for them to escape facing
accountability for the *evil* they have done..  I am NOT joking.

You must understand -- this movement's BIGGEST problem is NOT so much
the ongoing hurdles of breaking into the mainstream public in
different ways, but has always been, instead, at any and every moment,
the constant "infighting" going on, in-between the various "factions"
and/or in-between the various individuals..  THAT is THE biggest
fundamental problem that this movement has *always* had, for the
constant burdens to our movement, and the *otherwise needless* DELAYS
TO SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS that we *should* have had done by now, have all
mostly been caused by the lies and jealousy and fraud by the nastiest
of these so-called "activists" involved in various public and/or
private infighting.

This $hit IS going to stop, once and for all, and I seem to be the
ONLY person in the entire movement that has the sheer balls of steel
to ACTUALLY do it, and do it right -- by implementing entire sets of
actions for TOTAL devastation, total annihilation, utter decimation of
their dishonest lives, even unto quaking the rock-bottom core of their
very souls into choosing death (suicide) as the alternative to facing
the music for what amounts of evil they have done, because the way I
see it, there are INNOCENT CHILDREN DYING EVERY HOUR out there, and by
*falsely* and *dishonestly* using divisive tactics to interrupt and
harm good, hard-working people from accomplishing good works (and
again, that means not JUST me, but also others I am aware of..), these
terrible demons lurking within our movement, in my opinion, are
DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of children who
would have **otherwise** still been alive to this very day!!

The satanic bull$hit of these monstrous traitors causing innocent
children to needlessly DIE is MUCH worse than merely causing children
to sin, and so there is one, and ONLY one, even *remotely-befitting*
description of these ghastly people as found in the Bible, and that
same description and sealed fate appropriate for these various
now-targeted evil demons is repeated exactly three (3) times.  Look it
up online, or in your Bible, now -- Matthew 18:6 -- Mark 9:42 -- Luke


Not all, but most, of these disgusting frauds, once I saw or learned
what terrible backstabbing that they were up to, were duly informed,
and usually *at least* a few times, and even several times, to
immediately knock off the bull$hit, and/or to check their facts,
first, before spreading false gossip and lying rumors..  Of course,
they believed, mistakenly, that their disputes with me and/or others
would not REALLY get them into any trouble to even speak of, since
this sadly-apathetic movement is well-known, sigh, for NOT following
through on necessary action items..  In other words, they mistakenly
believed what virtually everyone in this movement would probably
believe, too -- that nothing, not really much of ANYTHING would
actually happen to them, and that I was just blowing steam or
whatever.  With some of them, I often even went out of my way to try
and clarify that I was deadly serious, that I was NOT joking around,
and that if they didn't stop the bull$hit, e-$ucking-mediately, that
they WOULD face serious accountability.  However, with some of them, I
also knew that there was no reasoning with their unbridled dishonesty
and penchant for selfishness, jealously, and etc., and that they would
just continue on, anyway, with their fraud and expose themselves even
MORE, so I just went ahead and TOLD them to have at it, all they want,
and to even invite their friends to join in.  You see, I wanted to
KNOW who was naughty in our movement, and who was nice.  I **wanted**
to give them their self-hanging rope, as much as they wanted, to ALLOW
them to seal their own fates just as deep as they wanted to... giving
me that much more ammunition for civil suit and criminal charges, so
there would BE no question about their fraud, to anyone, anywhere, by
the time I was ready to nail their coffins shut, figuratively
speaking, of course.

And that's exactly what they did, too, because I *was* correct in my
character judgment of them - they ARE that evil, and they are
obviously in this movement for THEMSELVES, and NOT for the families
and children, from everything I can tell.

And so, they played DIRECTLY into my hands, doing EXACTLY what I
wanted them to do -- expose themselves sooo bad and so often, that
they will NEVER escape what they have done.  The LORD provided
perfectly for me.  Praise His Name.

I guess I should maybe apologize, somewhat, because I never did tell
them that I used to teach the game of chess to all the different
children at my kids' schools over the years... and my groups of kids
won a whole $hitload of trophies, too... at home AND on the road..
These family rights movement frauds $ucked with the WRONG person, and
didn't even know it..


The first of these terribly-dishonest, lying, backstabbing, deceitful
people is going to be obliterated in almost every aspect of her horrid
life on this coming Friday morning.  By Friday afternoon, the "world"
will KNOW who she is, what she has done, and also understand why she
should just go ahead and consider suicide, for she SHALL be UTTERLY
destroyed, most likely with no hope or interest remaining within her
evil heart for even living anymore..  I promise you that.

Also, a FEW of the OTHER names to be exposed Saturday night will be
listed in that reporting blast on Friday afternoon, and these monsters
will know, down to the quick of their inner souls, that their fateful
doom HAS arrived... as *warned*.

They HAD their chances to do right and play fair, and most were even
given multiple chances..

Now they shall pay for their selfish, lying, abusive hearts, and they
shall pay dearly for their crimes against humanity.


This coming Saturday evening, at 7:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Central /
5:00pm Mountain / 4:00pm Pacific, you will be shocked beyond maybe
what your ears and heart can even handle, for I am letting EVERYTHING
rip loose upon these evil bitches and bastards who have DECEIVED so
many people, hurt our movement really bad for their own selfish
intents, and caused so much FALSE infighting that numerous children
out there are NEEDLESSLY dying, every hour, of every day.
(computer chatboard + listen in)
724-444-7444 is the telephone call-in number to listen/speak on Talkshoe
(answer the prompt with the show-channel number, 37984, plus enter your own
"PIN" or use the Guest Code of "1")


Or, is one of your so-called "friends" on this list?  Let me be quite
clear and blunt: This is BUSINESS, and NOT about friendship, at all...
I am in the business of saving children and families, and I mean
*exactly* that -- a "business" -- because I demand that this
unspeakable war against families/parents/children STOP, and NOT
continue, anymore!

Even some of my friends haven't been able to get along with EACH
OTHER.  And, THAT really pisses me off, because it only shows and
proves to me that they are more interested in still fighting amongst
themselves, than in GETTING THE $UCKING JOB DONE, and in saving
CHILDREN'S LIVES who are dying by the hour, every hour, of every

So, I am also resolved to commence with a hellava lot of additional
"spanking" against even "friends" who are still acting like children
that can't get along nice-nice within the sandbox...  I am NOT

Did you think you were safe, just because I call you a friend??  $uck
that.  That's NOT enough to save children's lives!


For legal reasons, I am compelled to warn you NOT to allow any minor
children within the listening area at your end.

Sincerest Regards,
Mr. Torm L. Howse
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
United Civil Rights Councils of America
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Trustee,
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization - US
Founder, Owner, President,
The FIDO Network
General Contact:
P.O. Box 68665
Indianapolis, Indiana  46268
(317) 286-2538 office  (888) 738-4643 fax

* Spread the Good News ===>>


From: Mr. Torm Howse <>
Date: Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 5:41 PM
Subject: [PAAO-US] Two Well-Known "Family Rights" Attorneys Targeted

  The WORD of God is *crystal *clear.  It *expressly* COMMANDS:

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather
expose them."  Ephesians 5:11 (New International Version)

Of course, this is the same base reasoning as to WHY there is going to
be a massive "bloodbath" show exposed on Talkshoe Internet Radio, this
coming Saturday evening... to *publicly* expel an entire SET of frauds
who are still lurking dishonestly within the family rights movement,
*once and for all*, and with the corresponding TOTAL decimation
actions actually implemented against each of these evildoers just
shortly thereafter..  If you can handle a little bit of *vulgar*
language, stated only in **righteou= s * anger*, get up to speed on
this Saturday evening critical event, right now:

During this *same* public routing of those various fraudulent family
rights movement "activists", there will ALSO be exposed a total, in
fact, of THREE very well-known "licensed" professional attorneys out
there - two of those who will *not* be tolerated any longer, i.e., who
shall meet the same fate as these other frauds, and a third "licensed"
attorney who will be *very* *graciously* allowed one (1) single
calendar week to mend his ways and correct his wrong= s against the
family rights movement, *immediately*, or else face the exact same
wholesale judgment upon every major aspect of his own life, too.

The only hints I will give at this time are these two statenames:
-- "*Illinois*" and "*Massachusetts*"

BE empowered. PROTECT yourself, *and* those you care about. Know the
TRUTH, and then *judge for yourself*.

Sincerest Regards,
Mr. Torm L. Howse
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
United Civil Rights Councils of America

4. Thoughts on poor behavior - by Lary Holland (not a typo, only 1 'r')

> Lary -- Somebody sent me this [Torm's first msg above] yesterday and
> I confirmed it at yahoogroups.† I just don't know what to make of
> it?† I know you have worked with Torm before, what is going on with
> him?† I assume people that know him are trying to stop him from
> these kind of messages, but it only seems to get worse?  † † † †

> I'm going to broadcast it on our list and share my concerns with
> people over someone who is a 'leader' and involved with coordinating
> some of the DC events this summer.† I'd be happy to include any
> pro/con statement from you. -- John

--- From Lary Holland <>

Thanks for emailing me John, my thoughts and comments are these and
include a spiritual lesson that I hope helps:

Throughout the various social and political movements that exist on
the issue of "family rights" at the yahoo group level, there are a
variety of personalities that make it up. These personalities often
times build their alliances on personal issues and mob behavior,
rather than standing firm on an ideological issue that is affecting us
all. God knows that I am one of those personalities that on occasion
people love to hate because I don't cater to dramatic infighting and
personal alliances and I always have a forward motion. Opinions are
often not based on what my public works are, but rather where people
want to align themselves with one or more types of personalities based
on rumor or personal motives. I know I have made a few flippant
comments in the past, especially at the yahoo group level, but in
reality ... NONE of the infighting really matters.

No doubt individuals fall prey to taking stances against others on a
personal level within the movement rather than directing 100% of their
efforts toward raising awareness to parental rights and the need for
real government reform and accountability.

No matter what the level of personal infighting that appears to exist
between yahoo group "factions," my personal stance on advocacy remains
unswayed. The various naysayer type people, often times lazy and
discouraging, are not my enemy. I do not base my activities on what
others see fit, or one what seems popular amongst a group for the
moment, but rather on what raises outside awareness to our decision
makers, elected officials, professionals, and of course parents.  Some
people regularly say I am some sort of a national leader, but I hold
no organization for profit, and I discourage people from financial
donations instead asking people to make work unit donations. I contend
to say that I am only an advocate and I only ask that you follow in
the awareness activities not to expose each other's personal diatribes
and business but to expose the system for what it is.†

Spiritual Lesson Regarding Fighting the Right Enemy.  "For though we
walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. (2 Corinthians 10:3)

Do you know why so many believers are losing the battles in their
lives?  They're fighting the wrong enemy!  They've been deceived into
believing that just because a person said or did something to hurt
them, that person is the one they need to fight.  But they're wrong.
You see, the Bible says we don't wrestle with flesh and blood. And
since people are definitely flesh and blood, they're never the source
of our problem.  It doesn't matter. If you waste your time fighting
So-and-so, your real enemy will get away scot-free.

Who is that real enemy? Look at Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not
against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual
wickedness in high places."


My take on this is that no matter how many people stand in the
movement polarized to what I stand for or what I say, how many people
imitate me, those that wish to achieve a financial gain, or trash on
me, they are irrelevant because my audience is the powers that
be. People claiming to be in the movement but aim to disrupt peoples
personal lives, or the variety of personalities in between are not my
enemies. Although I help for free a fair number of people within the
movement, but that is also not my focus. I educate, I urge, but my
actions are directed towards the decision-makers and people in the
movement are not my enemy. I am not after any grants, I am not after
anyone's pockets, I don't charge membership fees, I am after a result
of less government intrusion in our homes, cities, and ultimately our
lives. Like Johnny Cash says... I am the nation.

These are two quotes that I wrote respectively to help people
understand that I am here for. I discourage making alignments and
engaging in alienating behaviors inside the movement, because everyone
should be too busy fighting the true enemy.  "It is infinitely more
valuable to fight for the rights of others than to fight for our own"

"Parental Rights Should Be Respected and Protected by All." -2008

Lary Holland
Host and Producer of Get Your Justice Live

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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