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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Wed Oct 14 2009 - 10:01:35 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. My Story - Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, MD
2. Never Accept Abuse of Your Rights - Eric Tarkington
3. Action & Jail? Delay and help - Oct 20, Lyons, NY

1. My Story - Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, MD
[ Dr. Hatfield has been a long time member of the group.  He's active
in reform and has had several letters published by a local paper, The
Racine Journal Times.  He was willing to share details of his terrible
experience with the "system" below. For more info and links to some of
his letters, check our Hall of Shame entry:
http://www.AKidsRight.org/shame3.htm#hatfield - John]

Submitted by:  Dr. Malcom Hatfield <hatfield@pol.net>
Here is my story:

In 1989, my then first wife and I moved from Hinsdale, IL, a suburb of
Chicago to Racine, WI, about 75 miles north of Chicago.  We were both
physicians and had one daughter, born in 1989.  My wife protested the
move because she wanted to live near her family in Hinsdale.  In 1992,
it became obvious to her that I would never move closer to Chicago.
She made it clear to me that she hated me for moving her from her home
and would divorce me in a minute and marry some rich old man if it
weren't for the custody issue of our daughter, Mary.  She knew that I
loved Mary and would fight for her custody.

In early 1993, my former mother-in-law said that our then four year
old daughter had told her that "daddy made pee pee on me." This
happened again and again over the next 6 months, but only when my
daughter was with her maternal grandmother.  Finally, in Sept, 1993, I
went out of town for 5 days and returned to see my house empty and the
sheriff's deputy awaiting me to serve me with restraining order for
the alleged sexual molestation of my then 4 year old daughter.  After
a police investigation, including my then wife allowing the police and
CPS workers to search and seize anything and everything in our house,
no criminal charges were filed.  

Our marriage was still intact; however, eventually she filed for
divorce.  I went 14 months with no contact because of Family Court.
My 80 year old mother had to have supervised visits for one hour per
week after 6 months of no contact.  All of this was done based solely
on opinion with no physical evidence, audio or video evidence
whatsoever.  Mommy hired an expert who diagnosed me as paranoid
schizophrenic.  All of this happened despite the fact that I was a
successful physician with a busy practice in the community with a
squeaky clean criminal, psychological and physical record.  

Since then, I passed a polygraph test and one of the best experts in
the world came to Racine and after a lengthy evaluation, recommended
primary placement with dad because of the parental alienation being
practiced by mommy.  His name is Richard Gardner, MD.  Both of these
latter facts were ruled by Judge Richard Kreul to be not credible.
Since the end of 1994 when contact resumed, I had supervised
visitation for visits which had to remain in a public place.  Only a
Master's degree person approved by judge Kreul could supervise.  This
supervisor had to remain within earshot of everything I said.  She
dissected every interaction I had with Mary and they tried to use her
testimony to further restrict my contact.  

They did everything possible to chase me away from my daughter despite
the fact that I paid my $5132.00 per month in child support to mommy.
Mommy used that money to hire attorneys and experts to keep me away.
I had to pay her $45 per hour to the supervisor, or not see Mary.
When months would pass with no contact, my State Assemblyperson was
the only person alive who was able to force Kreul to allow me to see
my daughter.  Judge Kreul refused to give away the case to another
judge.  Mom was allowed to move back to Illinois despite my objection.

Finally, in 2001 my daughter was hospitalized with inflammatory bowel
disease.  Then and only then was I able to see Mary unsupervised.
Once, the judge appointed his own expert, Ken Waldron, PhD to review
the matter.  Dr. Waldron sided with me, so Kreul ruled that he was not
credible.  Meantime, all the records of my case were sealed, "in
the best interest of the child." The judge held me in contempt twice,
once for telling my daughter she is welcome home anytime she wants to
come home.  The other because I had written letters to various
newspapers and legislators, which was a violation of the sealed court
orders.  Kreul sentenced me to jail for 30 days with no work release
as a result.  My attorney appealed this and the appellate court
modified that order and made it clear to the judge that I better do
something pretty obvious and outrageous before he can incarcerate me.
I now enjoy a great relationship with Mary and have remarried a former
Miss Wisconsin who is a great gal.  Mommy can't get a second date and
will grow old alone.  She squandered the over $800,000.00 child
support paid to her on legal and expert fees.  The key to my success
was that I never gave up and maintained some minimal contact with my
daughter.  The months I was allowed contact, I would see her twice a
month for four hours each time.  That was enough to maintain a

If this can happen to a physician with a squeaky clean record with a
good income it can happen to anyone.  What we need is shared parenting
by default with an elevated burden of proof to allow the government to
interfere with the parent child relationship.  If you close Family
Court completely, all of the necessary protections still exist in
Juvenile Court.  The burden of proof for abuse needs to be "clear and
convincing".  In divorce, both parents should submit a parenting plan
and the court must chose that plan that maximizes placement with both
parents.  If one parent chooses to move, the child stays in the same
school district as when the marriage was intact.  

Malcolm Hatfield, MD

2. Never Accept Abuse of Your Rights - Eric Tarkington
[ Eric Tarkington has a gift for saying things in just a few words.
Here is another winning message he posted to a Canadian mailing list
(EPOC_NEWS@yahoogroups.com -- I recommend it!).  When the system says
"move to the back of the bus" and all we do is moan & complain, but
then sit in the back --- nothing changes. - John ]

Submitted by: Eric Tarkington <etarking@ooadvocate.com>

    It is amazing how docile people are! They will actually allow the
    government to take their children and/or decide which parental
    rights they keep. It is rare that the government has to use even
    the threat of force - people comply with having their hearts
    ripped out, just because they think they should. It's the 21st
    century, people! Join an equal parenting group! You are not the
    government's little dog, and they have no right to snatch your
    "puppies" when they feel like it. 

    They are violating you and your children through you, and if you
    are not a criminal you are much better for your children than any
    government. Your natural commitment to your children is the
    awesome power that keeps the human race going. Respect yourself! 
    Stand up and fight for your parental rights, which are the best
    protection of your children's best interests.  There is only one
    other person who has an equal right to parent your children. Work
    things out with him or her, and keep the government out of it.

3. Action & Jail? Delay and help - Oct 20, Lyons, NY
I want to thank some folks who responded to my last message for some
help with some planned NonViolent Action:


Teri Stoddard <teri.sharedparentingworks@gmail.com> and
http://sharedparentingworks.org/ -- will take care of the
AKidsRight.Org web site & mailing list while I am jailed.

Ray Lautenschlager <akron@pacegroup.org> and http://www.pacegroup.org/
will handle group email.

I'm still looking for another Mom & Dad willing to join me in the
effort.  I could also really use someone in the Central NY area who
would be willing to accept an occasional collect call from Jail.  I
would pay you in advance for charges and arrange a schedule.  Please
let me know! - John Murtari <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org>

I had to delay the planned start due to difficulty in taking care of
some former customers of a web hosting business I used to run.  I
didn't want to leave them out of service if it could be avoided.

                                       John Murtari
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