Murtari arrested/jailed for fourth time, why? Your support welcome.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 11:10:44 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

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We wanted to send out a brief announcement that John Murtari was
arrested again today (Dec 1st) in Lyons, NY.  At about 2 PM John used
kid's chalk to write a Family Rights message near the side of a door
at the County Courthouse. John expects to be held in jail until his
next scheduled Village Court date on December 9th. (SEE HOW YOU CAN

We don't have any more details yet, but they will be posted at the web
site once we hear from John. There are also pictures of his earlier
activity.  http://www.AKidsRight.Org/parental_notification

For more background and details you may also see this report at

Please take the time to call the officials below.  Be polite and let
them know your concerns and your support for Family rights.

You can contact Assemblyman Oaks by:

phone: 315-946-5166
write: Assemblyman Robert Oaks, 10 Leach Road, Lyons, NY 14489

You are also welcome to call/write these officials on his behalf.

* DA Richard Healey , Hall of Justice, Suite 202, Lyons, NY  14489
    (Phone: 315-946-5905 / Fax: 315-946-5911)

* Village Justice Nicholas Forgione, 79 William St., Lyons, NY 14489
    (Phone: 315-946-4565)

John always appreciates any letters, his jail address:
John Murtari, P.O. Box 477, Lyons, NY 14489

What is worth 4 arrests? - THE DECLARATION OF FAMILY RIGHTS
All the GREAT Civil Rights we recognize have required a lot of effort
& personal sacrifice to achieve.  You can sign the petition at:

                                                               John Murtari
Coordinator                                         AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org         A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
(315) 944-0999(x-211)                http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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