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2 March 99

Assemblyman Bragman (also to Congressman Walsh & Governor Pataki),

I'm writing to ask you to investigate what happened to me in a recent divorce. I have exhausted all appeals and other grievance procedures that the legal system offers. In simplest terms, if I was not watching this happen with my own eyes, I would not believe it possible.

I ask that you assign someone to take a serious look at the record in my case and do a "sanity check." Maybe an easy starting point would be the Appellate Brief and Reply Brief I filed with the Appellate Division in Rochester. They present a summary of the facts and the trial record. This material is available on-line at:

Experienced attorneys have reviewed these and have been unable to understand why the Appeal was rejected. I understand there are many people unhappy after a divorce and you can't investigate all of them. I hope you will listen to the sincerity of this request and take a look. It may be a good one to illustrate some of the things that can go wrong in the present system and help in identifying needed reforms.

I have written before asking for an inquiry, but have just gotten a polite reply. As I write now I am sitting in a cell block in the County Jail. In non-violent protest I have decided to remain imprisoned until I get a direct response from your office. A simple "Yes, Mr. Murtari, we will investigate," or, "No Murtari, we will not" is sufficient.

I certainly cannot force you to act. Nor can I expect a predetermined outcome. All I ask for is a straight answer. Please let my willingness to remain in Jail convey the heart felt depth of my feelings. My son Domenic (6) has shed too many unnecessary tears in this process-—and I am still haunted by his repeated question, "Daddy, why can't I stay with you more?"

I look forward to your reply. Please send a copy to my office address (more secure mail delivery):

John Murtari
Software Workshop, Inc.
55 East Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

To leave a voice message,  you can also call the office and ask for George,  (315 )-635-1968,  x213. I try to call him daily from Jail! Thanks for your time!

John Murtari