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Hall of Shame - Submission Form

We'd love to let other people know your story! We do not accept anonymous or "false" name submissions. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with Our Approach and our campaign of Civil Disobedience. We want to change our system of Justice by making people painfully aware of what really happens. That means telling the stories of REAL people, and REAL pain! We'll put your name and E-mail address on the Hall of Shame page so folks can contact you (you don't have to answer them all!).

Now, the form below is lengthy. We will first cover the info special to the Shame page, and then get other info -- also, please send us a picture, a wallet size will do, but we will take any size and scan to fit. Send a self addressed stamped envelope if you want the photo returned.

Please be patient, we are a small group now. Someone should at least acknowledge your message within a week, please resubmit if you don't hear anything.

Name and birth year of your children/or your parent:

Date you were separated from your parent/children:

Current Status: is there any legal action still pending.

Tell us your story: try to use the existing stories as an example. Okay to talk about your feelings, but NO name calling (that is NOT our approach)! The key focus is your feelings toward the "system" -- and how the "system" denied you of a relationship with a parent or child. Did you have the opportunity for a Counsel? Did you have the opportunity to have a Jury decide custody? PLEASE, do not say anything here that you would not say directly to the person involved. Give us as much as you want, we will edit for length.

What kind of participation are you interested in?
(check all that apply)

Site Layout/Content - You would like to produce material for the site, i.e. articles, etc.
Webmaster - You could help with managing portions of the web site.
Coordinator - You would like to be a contact point in your local area for folks interested in the group.
Join the Mailing List - You would like to get new information about our activities. Material is normally sent via E-mail (please give us your address below).
Ready to "sit-in" - Actively participate in Civil Disobedience, if necessary (you can change your mind!).
Ready to support those who "sit-in" - Ready to help those who are protesting or in jail.
Member - Count me as a member, overall I agree with your goals.
Member Support - Please show me on your Member Support page, use the info below.

What major area are you interested in?


Enter any other comments in the space provided below:

Tell us how to get in touch with you:


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