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Court Action

For it is not Zeus who made that order.
Nor did that Justice who lives with the gods below
mark out such laws to hold among mankind.
Nor did I think your orders were so strong
that you, a mortal man, could over-run
the God's unwritten and unfailing laws.

Sophocles, Antigone (450): responding to the King who has forbidden her to bury her brother -- a traitor to the state. Although she has courage and honor -- her lack of faith will result in tragic deaths

Check here for a nice summary of Constitutional Case lawMany of these are years old, but hopefully provide good examples.
If you are aware of any cases/laws dealing with right to Jury & Custody, let us know!

  • A case from Louisianna - in detail, the kind of mess we are trying to avoid.  Posting a $100,000 bond to see your child!

Some legal cases about rights to an equal relationship with your kids:

Here are some links to other documents we have:


We are trying to bring forward legal cases to get Court support for this basic right.  Make sure your attorney makes a motion for a Trial by Jury, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt!

Help Needed

We understand not all of you have the "money" for this type of battle!   But we can help with prepared legal briefs that make the argument (or will help your attorney prepare their argument). If your state gives you the right to a Jury in deciding child custody -- please let us know.

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