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Murtari brought to "mental institution" by Police


Dec 14. 1999 - Spoke with Mr. Walsh about progress. He had been busy but had read the letter and agreed it looked pretty clear.  He would be filing a complaint (on my behalf) within about a week.

Nov 16, 1999 - I am starting a complaint with the State Authorities and talking to attorneys in their office. It was a spooky experience! If you would like to contact them (Don Walsh is the attorney assigned to handle this), call/write:

Mental Hygiene Legal Service
Attention: Don Walsh
John Hughes State Office Building
333 East Washington Street
5th Floor, Room 541
Syracuse, NY  13202

In John's own words:

Then a rather bizarre and disturbing sequence began.  A shift change had occurred at the police department.  I explained the protest to them and never acted in a threatening manner. The new staff just refused to do the arrest even though I was violating the order and trespassing.

They told me to "just leave, or we'll send you over to CPEP  [a forced psychiatric admission], and that will insure you never get any custody of your child...we don't agree with how you are protesting ... so our advice is just get out of here or we'll take you over there to the hospital..."

I told them I didn't agree with that. I was obviously not a threat to myself or anyone else.  They ended up bringing me to St. Joseph's in Syracuse. I was interviewed by a physician and he told me, "... the police say you were disturbed about a custody matter and wanted to come in to talk to us..."  I was amazed!    I told the Doctor that was not true .... but I ended up spending the weekend in a "mental" ward until things got cleared up.

A cousin happens to work for the State Department of the Mentally Retarded and he told me this type of action, because of its nature, is only authorized if the person represents an IMMEDIATE physical threat to himself or someone else (it is not meant to be used for "crowd control").