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Letter to New York's Governor Pataki

Pod 4C-38
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY  13202
29 November 1999

Governor Pataki:

In 1995 my spouse filed for divorce. Since then I have found myself not a parent, but a "vistor" in my son's life.  The divorce was granted in '97 and I have exhausted all appeals. I felt there was grave misconduct by some of the professionals involved. Although one Psychologist was given a Letter or Reprimand, my other written grievances regarding some attorneys and judges were quickly dismissed.

Governor, could you please start an official inquiry into what happened.   I have a web site that contains extensive detail and source materials. The address is:

I would like to be restored as an equal parent.

To show the depth of my concern I have started a protest strike for Domenic. I hope it is a good example of nonviolent action.  I have silently picketted inside the local Court House carrying a picture of Dom and I and the simple message: "I LOVE DOM"

In the last couple of weeks I have been arrested three times and am currently in jail. I have left work and moved out of my apartment.  As a former Air Force Pilot I understand duty and sacrifice, but most of all I understand the value of a loving parent to a child. I had two loving parents and I want Domenic to have the same.

Part of this is for myself, my greatest aspiration in life was to be a daddy. Part is for my son.  My time in jail, getting to know the other inmates, has demonstrated to me how much suffering can start when two parents aren't involved in a child's life.

What else can I do but sacrifice my livelyhood and my freedom to demonstrate my concern and my love for Domenic, whom I hold most dear. What more basic (and perhaps forgotten) Civil Right do we have than to associate with our children?

Please do not delay in your response.


                                                                                Sincerely yours,

                                                                                John Murtari