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Grandma Murtari

A very, very special person.  Born in Italy and came "on the boat" to America to start a family. At the age of 40 she and her husband (age 64) have a son born to them  (two other children die in pregnancy). For more background check here.

As I consider my protest I certainly think of my mother (she is now 88) as she lives (still in her own home) in a small town. I am fortunate to have cousins to check in on her.  Here we all are with Domenic in a portrait.  Almost every summer (while Domenic is here) we celebrate her birthday (July 21, 1916) together and also make a trip to Niagara Falls.

Grandma, Domenic & Daddy

I hate to use a stereotype, but she is the classic Italian "mamma". Still speaks broken English and along with my Dad, gave me a deep sense of faith. The mere fact that I was born to them so late in life was enough proof that "God exists" and certainly has the power (and loving interest) to answer our prayers.

She understands why I am going to Jail -- Domenic is also her only Grandchild and she loves him dearly.  Please do not try to call her (unless you speak Italian!), but if you have time and just want to send her a simple greeting card, I am sure it would be welcome.    Her address is:

Mrs. Caterina Murtari
34 Franklin Street
Lyons, New York  14489