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Support for John while in jail

For contact information, click here.   For information on making a donation, click here. Last updated: 10/20/00.

John Murtari wants to recognize and send his special thanks to folks that have written either to him or on his behalf while he is in jail. The people are:

  1. Rev. Dennis Austin, letter to Judge Klim
  2. James E. Bohne, Jr., letter to Judge Klim
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Boice, Lyons, NY, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  4. Craig Borncamp, Camillus, NY, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  5. Donna Cantrell, letter to Judge Klim
  6. Rob Cardwell, Grand Rapids, MI, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  7. Mary Chancellor, Ooltewah, TN, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim (7/20/00 - $25)
  8. John Denny, Petersburg, VA, personal letter
  9. Bill Dolan, Vienna, VA, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim, legal information on Habeas Corpus (9/19/00 - $60)
  10. Brad & Terri Dunton, Colorado Springs, CO, personal letter (9/23/00 - $100)
  11. Roger Eldridge, letter to Judge Klim
  12. Gary Ewing, Shorts Hill, NJ, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim (7/1/00 - $10, 9/21/00 - $10, 11/3/00 - $10, 12/13/00 - $5)
  13. Christian Fardel, Miami, FL, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  14. Jeff Golden, letter to Judge Klim
  15. Kelley Graham, letter to Judge Klim
  16. Malcolm & Jeanie Hatfield, Franksville, WI, personal letter (12/21/00 - $50)
  17. Rev. Bradford Ingram, Ph.D., letter to Judge Klim
  18. G. Keith Jackson, letter to Judge Klim
  19. Betty James, Boulder, CO, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  20. William Kirkendale, letter to Judge Klim
  21. John Knight, letter to Judge Klim
  22. Andrew Kozak, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  23. Pamela Kyssa, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, personal letter
  24. Jeffrey Lapides, letter to Judge Klim
  25. Barbara Lyn Lapp, Cassadaga, NY, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim, Family Alert Web Site (9/16/00 - $10)
  26. Daniel Lee, letter to Judge Klim
  27. Andrew MacDonald, letter to Judge Klim
  28. Bob McCormack, letter to Judge Klim
  29. Judith Mitchel, Tucson, AZ, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  30. David P. Moore, letter to Judge Klim
  31. Dale & Jan Nagy, USAF, Korea, personal letter (10/30/00 - $300)
  32. Kathy Norwood, personal letter, letter to Judge Klim
  33. Richard O'Neil, Fayetteville, NY, personal letter (9/16/00 - $100, 10/15/00 - $50, 12/14/00 - $50)
  34. Andrew Potvin, letter to Judge Klim
  35. Christopher Ranney, letter to Judge Klim
  36. Mike Sandifer, Florissant, CO, personal letter (9/19/00 - $20)
  37. Don Schindler, letter to Judge Klim
  38. Scott Snively, Clinton, MS, personal letter
  39. Wilbur Street, Hazlet, NJ, called with information on child support case law
  40. Carl Tarantino, letter to Judge Klim
  41. Joe Testa, Luhenburg, MA, personal letter
  42. Colin Yearwood, letter to Judge Klim

If you've made a donation, written John or the Judge, and your name doesn't appear, let us know.  Write to


His long jail sentence is putting John into a difficult financial situation. He has reduced his expenses as much as possible, but he still has a car insurance payment and the minimum payment on two credit cards (about $125/month total). His jail account has about $5 left in it. He spends from $5-$10/week on pens, stamps, envelopes, stationary & personal hygiene items. He still has several hundred dollars in emergency cash -- but he would really like to keep that for his release. He wants to make a trip to see his son.

We are going to try our first fund raising effort. Direct participation in NonViolent Action can be something only a few people are suited for by temperament and circumstance, but they do not have to bare the entire burden.  From John :

"Please understand the anxiety I feel over this. I have never had to ask anyone for money in my life. This will help me learn my dependency on others, something that does not come easy for me. I am humbled by the support and actions of those who really care for me. I have gained a new appreciation for the phrase "we support you and believe in you"!

Some of you may feel I don't deserve the help and I agree with you. The past five years have had my share of mistakes. I grieve the most when I think of what I could have done differently, and avoid all this pain for Dom. But now-is-now and what is done-is-done, never to be redone. I welcome your help, I've always tried to keep my heart in the right place. Thanks."

Procedure: Write to John at his contact address in jail.  No personal checks, only a money order made payable to "John Murtari" is acceptable to the facility.  Please repeat your return address in your letter.  (Sometimes the outside return address can get torn off in jail handling.)  This will allow John to also send you a personal thank you note.   Within 7 days you should see your name and the amount of the donation appear on the list above.  If you would like to remain anonymous, please just give us a slang name to use. 

Usage:  To help a person involved with NonViolent Action defray personal and legal expenses.  Assisting in overall group efforts for Civil Rights reform. 

Expenditures:  All money spent will be listed here to give public accountability. 

Current total contributions:  $800, total expenditures:  $695, balance:  $105

  • 7/1/00 - 9/1/00 :  $35 spent on letters, envelopes, stamps, and personal hygiene.
  • 9/1/00 - 10/1/00: $19 stationery & postage, $27 IRS late fee, $100 MasterCard min. payment
  • 10/1/00 - 11/1/00: $27 stationery, postage & personal hygiene items, $51 Visa payment, $48 car insurance, $20 Visa payment, $27 line of credit payment
  • 11/1/00 - 12/1/00:  $20 Visa payment, $7 stationery & postage, $100 legal expenses for Appeal, James Stern, $85 MasterCard min payment, $33 stationery & personal hygiene.
  • 12/1/00 - 12/28/00:  $93 MasterCard payment, $2 stationery & personal hygiene