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The Story of Reverend Paul Waldmiller of Buffalo, NY. 

Currently a Christian minister in the Phillipines,   You can see a picture of Paul and his kids at:    This is his story (or nightmare) from the last few years.  His email address:

last updated:  March 9, 2010

I am here in the Philippines and  am an American Citizen born in Buffalo NY. I am 48 years old and have lived here for 1 year previously as a full time missionary. My ex who pulled the Filipina Migration Scam (described below) went with me. My youngest was also born here in the Philippines. I do appreciate the opportunity to share about this unfortunate on-going event. I will start from the beginning giving as much information and fact without to much emotional content as possible. I want to say again first, that I am an Ordained Christian Minister and quite embarrassed by what has transpired from being involved and victimized in a Filipina Migration Scam.

Things are about the same here as they were there in the USA. In the USA, I lived in 3 different places to survive. I was homeless. I was never given any of my personal property. I lived out of suitcases and when they totally took my children away and I could not see them, I came here and decided to get married when visiting also my poor children's feeding centers. I was going to bring my wife to the US in a few years but then after visiting the US Embassy in Manila, They did take my passport for allegedly not keeping up with child support payments. They already took my home, gave my ex all the marital as well as all the personal property.

The threat of arrest is non payment of child support, because they took my passport, I can't work here. Jobs here are scarce. I told them many times that ministers do not make a lot of money. They ordered me to pay 120% of my pay anyway. I was also arrested for non payment but after 7 judges recused themselves, the charges were dismissed. It was my current (failed) lawyer Tim Pawarski who told my friends and family I would be arrested.


I was introduced to a Filipina in 1995 through a "friend of a friend" who was at that time employed as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, China. There was a two year time in which we communicated with one-another and I visited this woman whose name is Jennie Basal (Waldmiller) originally like I said from the Philippines. I visited this woman in May 1997 in Hong Kong and asked her to marry me. She claimed to be as I am a "Bible Believing Born-Again Christian." She told me she didn't believe in Divorce and always quoted Bible Scriptures to encourage me in all her letters and cassette tapes. She spoke very good "christianeese." I say christianeese because she was never and is not now a Christian, she only talked like one to appear to be like one to take advantage of me.

On October 8th, 1997 she arrived here in the USA on her finance visa. I stayed with my parents until we were married on November 1st that same year, Two days after we were married, my new bride's personality changed. Changed a lot; she began yelling at me and accusing me of being someone else, loving someone else and put down my family. I tried to calm her down, she became irate even more. Days and weeks passed and she became worse, much worse, she physically attacked me calling me names and using a language and words that you would rarely hear from a Christian. I went to my then pastor for help. No one could figure out what was going on because when she met with my pastor, she would make up stories about me that were not true.

She kept everyone in chaos around her manipulating whom ever she could telling them that I was physically and verbally abusive and when those things proved to not be true, she would make up again yet another lie about me. She always had tears in her eyes to make people feel sorry for her. Over the years she would also call the police and tell them I was abusing her physically but there were no marks on her. I never touched her thank the Lord, and the Police never arrested me because I never did anything to her. I believed for years she was just a very jealous person, or had a Mental health issue or perhaps Satanically oppressed after all, she claimed to be a Christian.

I confided in more and more Pastors to help our marriage. No one knew what to say of do. Sometimes I would get part of the blame or sometimes she would. In the mean time, she was gaining non-Christian friends especially woman associated with the local Domestic Violence group. The situation grew worse and worse. I could tell these woman trained her because my then wife would hold the phone and tell me if I didn't do as she told me, she would call the police. We had three children by then and I was well liked and known in the community and did not want to embarrass myself or my then family so I did as she asked reluctantly, but I did it. She would always complain about money and demand and argue with me to send money and or force me to send money to her family in the Philippines. This was money that we did not have.

She would complain if I tried to spend time with friends. She wouldn't let me have friends. She kept me isolated from my family and friends so as to isolate me and keep her dirty little secrets. God forbid I would ever complain about her actions she would go ballistic on me. I would question her about her taking our tithe money and she would argue we never had enough. Over the years she would physically abuse me at times then call the police to say I abused her. We went and lived in the Philippines for one year and things were no better there. She demanded to have 3 to 4 helpers at all times and had members of her family move in with us. She was always demanding and verbally/physically abusive with me there in front of her family also. When we arrived back to America, she joined a cult rather than a church. The cult leader is a documented pedophile and he has tried to molest my children with her help. I called the police and they were of no help from what I've been told by a local state legislator Apparently this cult leader has a lot of money and spreads it around from what I've been told by a local state legislator .

I tried to do everything I believed a Christian husband should do to keep his wife happy and protect his wife. I had enough money for a down payment on a house after back from the Philippines. We purchased a house and within 5 months after moving into a house, she had what she wanted. She had enough friends to support her from the cult, The domestic violence woman and others. She told me she didn't need me anymore, called the police and told them I threatened to cut her throat.

Of course not being true, but the police made me move out. I've been involved in court after court fighting the terrorists of our criminal justice system, Jennie Basal Waldmiller and also the matrimonial system. I am arrested for "non payment of child support" and "failure to obey a court order" and also am ordered to pay 120% of my pay to this Filipina Scammer. She has free college tuition, free Medicaid, free food stamps, my house in which she falsified her DSS application and DSS is paying the mortgage, she has three vehicles a newer mini van, a newer model Cadillac Eldorado and a Volvo !!!

I have spent over $30,000 for attorneys and court costs and am flat broke, living place to place while she lives in my house with all the marital assets and all my personal property for over 3 and 1/2 years. I am forced to pay according to the court order; the mortgage on our house in which she lives, gas, electric, sewer, water her personal telephone bill and insurances all at the house I haven't been allowed to live in for over 3 and 1/2 years !

Like I said ,for years, I did not know what was going on and why Jennie Basal Waldmiller did and is doing what she is doing. It wasn't until recently I came across what she had been doing for these years on a website; from "Filipina For You".....

****_Economic Migration Scams - The Dump Truck Filipina !****

Dumpers are actually in my mind the worst kind of Filipina's since their object in life is to scam you out of your desire to be happy, and in my mind there is nothing more despicable than someone who does that ! also this often costs you your life savings, these Filipina's I would love to catch out and have them deported the minute they get caught, I would like to see them driven to Heathrow Airport and booted on to the next plane to Manila and then arrested by the Philipine National Police on arrival, sadly, the authorities in UK have little mechanisms in place to act, and by the time a Dumper is detected its too late, some times all the tell-tale signs are there for you to see if you see them, the problem with getting emotionally involved with the opposite sex long distance is that love is blind, what friends or relatives often see clearly, you will fail to see, because you are blinded by someone who keeps telling you that you are "Gwapo" and says "Honey I cant wait to be with you".

A Dumper is often is a Filipina who has already worked out a scam with her family, she will have been fully briefed about domestic abuse laws in the UK or the U.S.A. she seeks to enter into a relationship with a foreign man for the purposes of economic migration, and once having been given entry clearance to the United Kingdom, or of course to Western Europe or the U.S.A. will simply make your life one living hell, she is only interested in one thing, extorting money from you, to provide for her family in the Philippines at your expense.

*******_Stage 1 - The Tampo Phase_* ******

You may notice at the Airport when she arrives in UK, if she cannot keep up the act, she will be muttering or belligerent, or if she is good, she will wait for a few days, of settling in to your home, she will start to change her attitude towards you, by being awkward, saying no to you when you ask her to do things, showing little or no interest in what you are both doing, moving to other parts of the house when you are around, you will detect straight away that she is not happy, you see its hard to keep up the act now, she is with you, not online, or texting or taking a phone call, now you see her body language.

****_Stage 2 - The Doodler Phase _****

***Then she will start to display tantrum style behavior, or Tampo, then she will move on to other ways of annoying you, like asking for money for silly things, then she might start giving the game away, by doodling on paper, hanging around doing nothing, not helping out with the housework, or not being a wife to you, (this is easy to spot) finally you snap and she will then hope that you will strike her, or get you into such a mood, that makes you want to.

*******_Stage 3- The "Husband is beating me up syndrome" _* ******

By now she is looking for that Golden opportunity of you hitting her, thats all she is waiting for, if you do loose your cool with her, then she will probably run out to a neighbor and tell them that you are being abusive, "My husband/fiance is beating me" will often be heard, this is all carefully planned, the Filipina has no intention of living with you, if the neighbors don't call the Police, she will, and then when they come, its on record, that its a domestic abuse call, The Police will record the call even if no action is taken, (that is what she is up to !!) trying to get it on record.

She will repeatedly try and get the Police out to your home, each time they come, its a record on their database, this is known as Police Intelligence and A History of Domestic Abuse calls now its all on their database, if she is even better briefed, she will then try and run away continuously, and will say "I am in fear of my life" "My husband/fiance is beating me up", it doesnt have to be true for this scam to work, very often the Police will just come and console you both, and try and talk to her, they will be reluctant to do anything especially when you yourself assure them that you don't understand why she is doing this, most of the time the Police will simply see straight through her, and tell you that she is just using you, for one thing, unless she has visible injuries of abuse, her claims will not be taken seriously. ***

Very often her scam will fail right here, Police will tell you she is a "user" and its unlikely her scam will go any further, sometimes it may go to Stage 4, but its unlikely, she will simply just wait until she meets another Filipina and tell her and her husband, that you are a "Pig" and you are abusing her, very often she finds refuge with them, and dissapears, you come home after work to find that she and all her clothes have gone, if you are a lucky a note, or even luckier still a number where you can reach her***

If she arrived on a fiancée visa, its only a temporary 6 month visa she will have been briefed not to bother pulling this scam, as she is liable for deportation or removal on that visa, the worse situation is if she is married to you, which is more likely the case, then at least she has a 2 year temporary residency visa, which has to be adjusted after 2 years, if you are still living togther, all she has bought herself, is a 2 year visa, you can of course immediately inform the Home Office, that may prevent her from adjusting status, and make her liable to deportation after 2 years. She may simply ignore that, and start working somewhere, she will be able to, as she is entitled to a National Insurance Number on a 2 year residency visa, she will probably not be able to adjust status to full residency without evidence that you are still living together

She of course will not be able to return to the Philippines, and then come back to UK, so she is stuck in UK, or if she goes back, she is stuck there too, she will most likely stay in UK indefinately, working to provide for her family back in the Philippines, you of course cannot get a divorce from her until 12 months have elapsed, which is frustrating, but then after 12 months you can divorce her, but dont be suprised if she has already started divorce proceedings against you, I know its incredible, but it happens, you are well rid of her, if it does get to Stage 4 here it is.

*******_Stage 4_* ******

If she is on birth control you may also get caught out, and another scam is for her to get pregnant, she may not be taking the birth control, she has again been briefed as to the Children Act of 1982 the object of her scam here, is for you to be asked to leave your home for the night, by Police to calm the situation, and if heavens forbid, this happens after a pregnancy, you may find yourself homeless, this is of course again all planned, to get you out of your home, she may then rely on advices of neighbours who take pity on her, (a strange country, a different culture, a new language, you know the drill "!) She will be advised to see a solicitor this is where the fun starts, immedeatly she does so, she will be entitled to full legal aid, whereas you will not get it, she will then be in the realms of the legal aid commission who will authorize her to receive up to £5000.00 of aid and then just about every emergency petition will be issued against you such as: ***

1. Application for Ancilliary relief to include lump sum payments, regular payments.
2. Application for residency in the matrimonial home.
3. Application for temporary restraining order against you.
4. Application for Non Molestation order against you.
5. Application to register interest in your property through a Class F Land charge.

Her object now is to obtain sole occupancy of your home, although if you are the sole owner, (heavens forbid that you are in a council house !) its unlikely her applications will succeed, the Judge will see right through her, that she is a foreigner just arrived in country, and by then you will have instructed a Solicitor to act for you, advising Counsel will put your objections to this, and her case will fail although just be careful, her real object of course is to scam you out of maintenance for her, and for any child, this scam tends to happen after a child is born, these types will go through a sexual relationship with you and even have a baby, long before they try this one, seems weird to me, this happens mainly in the U.S.A. I have to say, I know of only one case where it has happened in UK, and the Judge saw through her straight away, and she ended up leaving the home and moving away. In the USA the domestic abuse laws are slightly different in that they take a more dramatic view and thats why some American husbands get caught out far more easily." *****************************************************************************************************************

This is exactly what Jennie Basal Did to me...the Filipina Dump Truck Scam. She played her cards right, trying to get me to hit her, manipulating the system and the whole time telling people I was abusing her. She used lies and deception to come here to America. When I wouldn't hit her or abuse her, she waited patiently untill the right time, building her case and a paper trail having called the police over the years so to have it look like I was abusing her and an abuser. thats all she needed.

This is it in a nut shell. I am still going go to court as she rapes me through our American court system already prejudiced against men. I tried to contact my Congressman but with no sucsess for help. The American Government is of no help. Lawyers on the most part, well I have nothing good to say about the majority of them also. I have tried to have Jennie Basal Waldmiller's American Citizenship revoked but no avail also.

I have not given up on the Philippines despite my ex-wife as I have 2 poor children's feeding centers there.  and  If there is any questions or any way you can help me further, I would appreciate it. I guess Jennie Basal Waldmiller is the worse kind of scammer that she uses God to manipulate and scam people out of their money, homes and breaks hearts without a care whom she hurts.

February 11, 2010:   

I have several government appointed attorneys. One is for the criminal charges for "Non-Payment of Child Support" and the other charge of "Failure to obey a Court Order." Thus far, 6 judges consecutively have recused themselves from this horrendous notion of falsely charging me with a crime(s). I have not asked any judge to recuse themselves. Each judge has willingly recused themselves on their own. The last judge; Judge O'Connor from Town of Pembroke Town Court did not give a reason for his recusal, but I suspect like all the other previous judges, no one really wishes to be involved with District Attorney Friedman, Acting State Supreme Court Noonan, Batavia/Genesee County Domestic Violence and Jennie Basal Waldmiller's conspiracy to bring false criminal charges against me and try to hurt a Christian Minister and parent. I believe there is a limit to injustice and that my God sees everything.

The evil that these people have devised against me has not weakened me but rather strengthened me to pray and be more proactive in my personal life and for my children as well as ministry to the poor children in the Philippines/world-wide. A friend of mine who was one of many who wrote supportive letters on my behalf for this criminal case, stated to me again recently that; "Paul, there is nothing more noble for a man than to fight for his family and children." I tend to agree with my friend. Not only is it Biblical to save your family from tyranny , but it truly is noble to do so. I know not when my next court date for these criminal charges are but my attorney believes it will be sometime in July or August 2009.

Many of these troubling issues stem from Jennie Basal Waldmiller who married me as part of a migration scam; a Filipina Migration scam. She has managed to have DSS pay for the mortgage on our house(the Genesee County DSS attorney refuses to hand over her application for DSS benefits as there is proof she lied on her application), have free college tuition, free medical care, drives a Volvo and a Cadillac Eldorado and a newer mini-van. The courts force me pay 60% of my unemployment for child support alone and am ordered to pay my ex-wife 120% of my pay despite submitting a motion for lowering my payments last October 2008. There is also a pending motion against my ex-wife for violating the visitation/custody order also not yet heard from last September 2008. Jennie Basal Waldmiler continues to violate that order without anyone stopping her.

She obviously knows the right people in Genesee County and NYS. Her cult leader who is a documented pedophile , has had my children "practice sitting on his lap" yet no one listens to me. Not the police, the courts, no one in our government system. My parents have documented that they believe the Judge Noonan will try to have me murdered. There are so many other occurrences of illegal actions by Acting State Supreme Court Judge Noonan, DA Friedman, Batavia/Genesee Area Domestic Violence, Jennie Basal Waldmiller and others that are not listed here but there are many reasons for me to fear the safety of my children and for my own life including those persons concocting court orders without my knowledge or even my presence. I share these issues so if God forbid they will actually go that far, it is already documented as what they are doing to me. Genesee County is what I consider a dirty little county and I have stirred up the hornets nest by exposing their illegal activities now they are trying to remove me.

Every parent in America has the right to bring up their children in a healthy environment. Each child also has the right to have loving parents, both moms and dads are both needed in a child's life. Each parent of that child should be healthy minded and not manipulating any government agency or have that much power to bring illegal actions against another parent and destroy that other parents relationship with their own child without proper cause. The Bible says this; "God is not mocked, a person reaps what they sow." Sow discord and hate into a child's life by destroying their relationship with another parent for no reason other than to hurt someone, then someday that hate you have sown, you will be also heaped upon you.

My next court date regarding custody and other issues are set for a trial on August 17th and 18th from 9 am to 5 pm each day. I would appreciate the support and prayers of as many healthy and loving parents, both moms and dads to pray and and be with me as possible. I am advocating for ALL parents irregardless of gender that children that are in the midst of abuse from manipulating and spiteful and or evil ex-spouses/governmental entities, to be set free of such fore mentioned evil minded persons and let loving parents everywhere be allowed to love their children without fear or abrupt interference.

If you wish to know more about me and who I am, please visit my web sites;  and 

Many Thanks for everyone's love support and prayers,

March 5th, 2010:  I am praying as of now how to get back in the USA after the Batavia City Police threatened and harassed me right out of the USA. I was told by some 3rd party's that I would be arrested at the airport if I come back to America. I was stripped of not only my 3 beautiful children but also all the marital property as well as all my personal property. They were all given to the Filipina Migration Scammer: Jennie Basal Waldmiller. If I do make it back, I have no where to live, Judge Noonan and Bannister refused to take give me my Diabetes and Hypertension medications. They demanded 120% of my pay.

I am thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. My ex wife Jennie Basal Waldmiller belongs to a cult where the leader; martin MacDonald is a documented pedophile. He has attempted to molest my 2 daughters by having them "practice sitting" on his lap. I am afraid for my 3 children's safety. The Batavia City Police called me and harassed as well as threatened me. They are as dirty and corrupt as the judges. I was informed by State Legislator Burling that MacDonald is protected by one of the Batavia City Court Judges and that MacDonald has purchased many houses in and around Batavia then violating the IRS 501c3 laws by placing those houses under his religious organization so he doesn't have to pay taxes. There are many issues, dirty tricks and illegal actions of many because I am a "Christian", a dad and male. They have maliciously tried to murder me and I have the proof !!!

Here is a copy of a e-mail letter just sent to my attorney a little bit ago , a synopsis if you will of the past and where I am.

January 27, 2009

Greetings Mr. Pawarski,

I have not heard back from you since my last e-mail sent to you several weeks ago. At this point I will insist that you do the following;

1) Contact the Appellate Division and submit for my appointed attorney do to my indigent status.

2) File for an extension for my Notice Of Appeal. This means I need an extension of time so to find an attorney will will file my appeal brief.

3) File in Erie County Family Court this week an application for a severe reduction of child support payments and I am unable to find work in the USA or here in the Philippines. I am unable to find work here because the NYS Child Support Unit will not release my Passport. If the judge grants me a the motion to release my passport, I will promise to pay when I receive a job here(I will be applying for custody of my children again for fear of their safety). Remember, the average pay here is approximately 7 Dollars usd per day. I have a small church here and tithes are not yet being taken as it is a small and earlier established church. I would also sate that there must be an application to remove Donna Hasslinger as the Law Guardian. She along with others as you represented me and you heard for yourself the illegal actions against me while in court. Again, I point out the court matter in which you represented me in Genesee County Family Court for a child support matter in which you stated: "We will have Judge Noonan recuse himself" after his clerk admitted to falsifying a court order for child support and illegally destroying another court order of child support by "crossing it out."

After being threatened, harassed by the Batavia City, NY Police,(you seen for yourself the letter to the Batavia City Police from my court appointed attorney Thomas Burns in Batavia, it has been unsafe for me to be in the USA with such illegal actions to attempt to murder me utilizing even the police to do so. Sir, may I remind you I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD, am a credentialed Substance Abuse Counselor and have brought and helped implement "Drug Courts" to many counties outside of Erie County. I was first in a working relationship with Judge Russell(Now State Supreme Court Judge). I am being attacked because of my religious faith and my gender. There is no reason to attack me. I am simply a Bible believing Born-Again Christian Pastor.

When I was arrested for "Non Payment of Child Support, It took 4 courts and 7 judges to recuse themselves before a judge would hear the case. None of these judges wanted anything to do with Judge Noonan or Judge Bannister's illegal actions. Finally a judge heard the case in Darien Center, NY(This is where the case was also DISMISSED AGAINST ME) where the judge was also "anonymously" mailed one of my court documents from the NYS Supreme Court in Batavia without any corresponding or introduction letter, papers or identification why the papers were mailed. That judge also asked the Assistant DA and my attorney why these documents were sent to him. How much illegal activity must I endure from Judge Noonan, Bannister and their court employees?. These illegal actions are even to the point to have a City of Batavia police officer threaten and harass me ??? I am Diabetic and have hypertension. How many times I asked Judge Noonan and Bannister for enough money for my life sustaining medications and they denied all my many requests. How is it they Require 120% or more of my pay for these many years to me ex-wife who is involved in a Filipina Migration Scam which is a CRIME !!!!(to get here USA Citizenship) ?? I am not allowed to be with my children. I am fully aware of the counselors and psychologists who work with the Domestic Violence Network to endorse male gendercide, all for the sake of eliminating fathers and men. Remember, I have been employed in the past for many, many years as a counselor. I know all the tricks and lies that are used against men to "castrate" them from their children, families, houses, etc... I've had many female clients in sessions tell me how the Domestic Violence workers would teach them along with their attorneys how to "get your phone, lay on the floor and call the police. Tell them your (husband(boyfriend) hit you. They taught them to LIE so the police would remove the man and she(the woman) would get the children, house, etc... You don't think I'm aware of this? I heard it from my own female clients !!!

I also during court had a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who had seen me interact many times with my children that I was a "wonderful father and quite appropriate and was testified to in court." The courts had access to two(2) mental health evaluations which indicated quite clearly that I am without any psychological issues. I am a Pastor, a stable person both in mind and spirit. I have a weekly radio and television ministry program. I pastor a church and before returning tot the Philippines, I was a Youth Pastor at my local church in Elba, NY. I submit to you once again that I am being persecuted because of my Christian faith and also for simply being of the male gender.

Judge Bannister in the last segment of the Divorce action which was to decide custody and financial issues(equitable distribution) was such a laughable court hearing, that even the deputies were laughing because it was such a openly, a mockery of justice. I was not allowed to subpoena any witnesses, I was given 12 hours to gather any witnesses I wanted, I was not allowed to show any videos, audio tapes, etc.. of my ex wife in her Filipina Migration Scam CRIME, I was not allowed to ask pertinent questions of my ex-wife, her finances, etc... In the end, Judge Bannister ILLEGALLY gave my ex the house, my children without any access to my children but supervised visitation, wrote in her decision brazenly against my Christian faith, ordered an illegal order of child support, more than 60% of my income, gave my ex-wife $125/week in alimony. Judge Bannister did so purposely and maliciously leaving me NO MONEY to live on. She knew that I was living in 3(three) different homes to survive at that time. Judge Bannister did nothing against the criminal Jennie Basal Waldmiller for violating the court order of visitation when Basal would purposely not let me see my children as was stipulated in a court order. Judge Bannister also gave my ex wife ALL the marital and ALL my personal property minus one old beat up van that I had been driving around with over 200,000 miles.

I insist you use this e-mail with your application in Erie County. I want to know who is for me and my children and who will finally going to expose my ex-wife Jennie Basal Waldmiller for the criminal she is. I also insist to expose Judges Noonan and Bannister for their illegal and corrupt actions.

May those who corrupt themselves repent for their illegal actions before they are judged before the Lord.


Reverend Paul P. Waldmiller Jr.