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Syracuse, NY (March 8, 1999) - Mr. John Murtari is in the 18th day of his non-violent protest at the Onondaga County Justice Center, Syracuse, NY. Murtari, a native of Lyons, NY, heads a group, Kids-Right aimed at protecting children's rights in custody cases. His protest is aimed at reforms in the Family Court System of NY. For details on Murtari's protest please see the groups website at http :// .htm

Kids-Right is planning a silent vigil for Noon, Wednesday, March 10th in front of the Public Safety Building. All concerned individuals are welcomed to attend the vigil and demonstrate their support. In accordance with the Kids-Right group, this will be a positive and peaceful gathering. The goals of the silent vigil are:

A) To demonstrate community support for family law reform. This includes the recognition of the right of parents and children to be together, and to have the protection ofajury when that bond is challenged.
B) Also, to demonstrate both support for the City Police Force (as they carry out this difficult duty), and concern over the way Mr. Murtari was assaulted and abused by two City Police officers during his arrest on February 24th.The abuse incident with City Police was reported to Mayor Bernardi of Syracuse for investigation. There has been no response from the mayor's office as of 5 P.M., March 8E.

Murtari is a former Air Force Pilot and Cum Laude graduate of the Air Force Academy. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Syracuse University and is the president of the Software Workshop, a small Internet company he founded in 1995 located in Baldwinsville, NY. He has a long record of volunteer work with both the elderly and homeless in the Syracuse area, along with involvement in local politics.


For more information contact or call (315) 635-1968 x-l13 to talk to a staff member. Mr. James Stem, a local attorney with a history of cases regarding police abuse, will be representing Mr. Murtari with regards to his assault by Syracuse Police. His office number is(315)475-4010.