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Syracuse, NY (March 18, 1999) - Mr. John Murtari was released last Friday, after the 21st day of his non-violent protest at the Onondaga County Justice Center, Syracuse, NY. Murtari, a native of Lyons, NY, heads a group, Kids-Right aimed at protecting children's rights in custody cases. For details on Murtari's protest please see the group's web site at

He has gotten responses from the offices of Governor Pataki, Assemblyman Michael Bragman, and Congressman James Walsh. The group will be working to clarify the answers and explore future legislation. Approximately 60 new members were added to the group in the last few weeks as people become aware of the reform movement.

The Internet based group will be having organizational meetings in the next few weeks to explore calling for Federal/State Civil Rights Legislation which recognizes the inherent right of a parent to associate with their children and the protection of a jury trial. In any discussion of "Family Values", they consider this to be a very important legislative item.

Time Warner, Local Cable 13 in Syracuse, will be doing an in depth News Magazine story on the protest. Currently scheduled to broadcast March 25th at 7:30, repeated March 26th at 6:30.


For more information contact or John can be reached at office phone (315) 635-1968 x-211.