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2404 Sourwood Drive Phoenix, NY 13135
11 December 1997

Ms. Maureen Walsh, Esq.
Suite 602
472 South Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13202-2480

Dear Ms. Walsh and Mr. Lupia:

I noticed an order taped to my front door yesterday notifying me that I had until Dec 13th to get out of the house or I would be evicted. You must understand my position regarding this has not changed. I will publicly protest the "injustice" of this entire proceeding by refusing to leave our home, and go to jail. I must also assume I could remain imprisoned for a long time, since if released I will return to our home (again, in violation). The reality of what has happened, and my sense of "duty", give me no other options – as much as I am frightened by what will soon happen.

The Appeal is perfected and on the calendar. I had hoped "cool heads" would prevail and we could maintain a truce until a decision is made in just a few months. I regret this will not be so. I truly regret the effect of this on Domenic, and that I may not be able to explain to him what will happen ahead of time.

I am writing to ask that just one question be answered. When is the exact date the Sheriff will show up at the home? I need to make final arrangements with my employee to move some critical business equipment out of the home – so that he can keep his job. I also need to make some alternate care arrangements for my mother with family. PLEASE contact me with this date as soon as possible (fax: 695-2050, leave message work phone: 695-1301, x-211).

Again, I wish you and Adrianne would really give some thought to the what is about to begin here. The "power" to do something, is not the "right" to do something. The timing of this did give me pause. The idea of being jailed 12 days before Christmas certainly was not on my list to Santa, nor was it one of the wishes I had in mind when anticipating the birth of another young child.

Sincerely yours,

John Murtari

CC: Joe Lupia, Jr. Esq