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March 15, 2000

Congressman Mark Udall
1333 W. 120th, #210
Westminister, CO 80234

Tele 303.457.4500
Fax 303.795.3705

ATTENTION: Lisa Carpenter

Dear Congressman Udall,

Alienated Parents Association is hoping you can be instrumental in establishing a hearing on family law reform in Congress this year. I contacted Lisa Carpenter about the poor conditions in Boulder and across the nation in family law. As I speak, a former air force pilot, John Murtari, is silently marching in-front of the office of Congressman James Walsh*, in Syracuse, New York to gain a congressional hearing for family law reform.

John’s child is in L.A., my child is in San Diego, sentenced to a childhood of loneliness and lies. Daily, America’s children succumb to a well-intended, but failed, family law system. You can get to know John at The enclosed exhibits demonstrate that custody in Boulder has reached a point of corruption similar to attorney-schemes of ‘black market babies.’ We need federal intervention to protect our civil rights and to protect the health, education and general welfare of today’s children. Another onlooker who has shown great concern about family law corruption is Senator Paul Wellstone*, and the former chief investigator of Colorado, L. Michael Henry*.

The following general information . . .


L. Michael Henry, Jr.
1201 Williams Street, #5C
Denver, Colorado  80218
Tele 303.534.0938

Congressman James Walsh
P.O. Box 7306
1340 Federal Building
Syracuse, NY  13261
Senator Wellstone
2250 University Avenue West
St. Paul Minnesota 55114-1025

Tele 612.645.0323
Fax 612.645.0704

John Murtari
% Software Workshop
55 E Genesse Street
Baldwinsville, N.Y. 13027

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