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Join the "Walk" in Syracuse

6 Dec 1999 - ... (Mon-Fri)

For a summary of the protest and the current status, check here first. After reading this, please check the Forum Page, you can make comments or propose another course of action.

Right now I have been walking the 1st floor corridors of the Onondaga County Courthouse from 2-4 PM daily, Monday-Friday (please come this week (6-10 Dec!).  The goal is to eventually get some media attention which will then encourage official action. I carry a small sign and follow the following guidelines:

  • I am silent during my walk and only speak to people who approach me first (not interfering with Courthouse operation or harassing anyone there).   If someone asks me something I stop and answers their question.  Usually the question is "What are you doing?" -- my answer, "I lost custody of my Son, all I wanted was equal custody and I ended up with nothing ... I'm trying to get someone to investigate what happened."

  • At times I have been the "butt" of jokes by staff or other people.  I just smile and keep walking (always treat people with courtesy, follow guidelines of Civil Disobedience).

  • If there is a crowd I just wait my turn to get through.  If someone is coming the other way, I give way.

  • My sign is small and simple. No political statement. Just a picture of hme and Dom and the message: I LOVE DOM.  There is also a small URL to the Kids Right web site.

If you would like to join  in the walk:

  • WHAT - Check the protest status page to make sure what is happening.

  • WHERE - Follow this link for an on-line map. If you can get their early, you can meet me in the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 1:30 PM daily.  Right across Columbus Circle from the Court House.   It is within a block of the Civic Center/War Memorial which are big landmarks.

  • WHEN - I take a bus downtown and you can find me in the Cathedral at about 1:30PM.  I walk over to the Court House at about 2PM and start walking around the Family Court Floor until about 4 PM.  You can come at any other time, and stay for as long or short as you like. I believe the building is open from 8AM - 5PM.

  • HOW - Follow the guidelines above.  Bring a small sign, again just a small photo and a message of love.  Keep at least a half corridor distance apart. Be POLITE with everyone.

  • WHY - The goal is to eventually get some media attention which will then encourage public intereset and official action.