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What About ???

What does a Kid's Right mean in practical terms?

  • What about custody?

  • What about child support?

  • What about relocating?

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Here are some thoughts and ideas, and remember we are working in a "positive" environment. We may not like some of the things a Judge, Lawyer, Counselor, or our Spouse has done -- but:

  • We do NOT hate them.

  • We do NOT seek revenge.

  • We do NOT blame them for a failure in marriage.

If you need to "hold on" to some of these feelings for a while (and we can all understand why), what follows will probably not make a lot of sense right now.

What changes with the assumption: "A child has a right to be with their parents, a parent has a right to be with their child. Overriding this presumption requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt presented to a jury of your peers."

  • By raising the "burden of proof" to the same standard of criminal procedure, and involving a jury -- the present "battles" over "who gets the kids?" will be reduced. The requirement to present evidence that could convince folks off the street, instead of to a tired Judge who prefers to spend "minimal" time on matrimonial cases, should reduce "gratuitious" and "exaggerated" allegations of wrong doing.

  • Children would be taken from the battle field. They would no longer be asked the ridiculous question: "Who do you love more, mommy or daddy?" They would no longer see one parent suddenly shrink in their lives.

  • Both parents would know they can maintain an equal relationship seeing their children. Their is less threat of loss. The temptation to use the children as a "bargaining chip" against the other spouse are reduced.

  • The parent who wishes to move away (and upset the status quo) has a clear decision to make.

  • Maybe the divorce rate among couples with children would start to drop. Perhaps we would see more mediation and counselling instead of divorce papers being filed.