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55 E. Genesee St.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
January 18, 2000

Mr. Michael Connor
Executive Editor
Syracuse Newspapers
P.O. Box 4915
Clinton Square
Syracuse, NY 13221

Dear Mr. Connor,

I am a coordinator for an Internet based group Kids-Right.Org. We are mothers and fathers who want to bring positive change to the Nation’s family law "system." Over the past two months I have been involved in on going peaceful demonstrations at both the Court House and Federal Building. We have sent press releases to both the Post and Herald, but not seen any coverage?

Jerry Rosen had done a couple of stories for the paper during an earlier protest in February. I explained to him that after being arrested and jailed three times, City Judge Merrill had finally allowed me to protest inside the County Court House. I was able to carry a small sign and walk the corridors for over a week – he thought that sounded interesting and told me I should check with the downtown staff and see if the releases were received. I called to check on what was happening and spoke with someone on Ms. Devendorf’s staff. I was told they had gotten the series of releases and found the effort not to be "news worthy."

I hope you will take the time to review the story and maybe find something "news worthy" – I have attached the most recent press release. I was recently the butt of a few jokes in my office – one of the guys had seen the Sunday paper and a front page story about a Baldwinsville man in jail over sidewalk repairs, "heah John, you don’t even rate above this guy in the ‘news worthy’ department!"

Our group has two concepts you might find important:

1. Non-Violent Action -- We are trying to revive the principles first put into practice by Gandhi and Martin Luther King. We are not angry at Judges, Lawyers, the Divorce Industry, and our ex-spouses! We try to convert people by treating them with respect and love (and impose any protest suffering on ourselves). In the words of Gandhi, "It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by humiliation of their fellow human beings."


I recently tried to "practice what we preach". Having been arrested three times when trying to quietly picket inside the County Court House (and spending about 10 days in Jail) – I was then allowed to do it with no interference. I then spent about 2-4 hours each day picketing inside the Court House and can honestly say I made friends of both Sheriff Deputies and the Court Staff.

In a time where any real or perceived injustice appears to be an excuse to ridicule and/or attack the offender – this should be a welcome change (and one worthy of copy cats!)

Congressional Hearings – We feel the first step is Congressional Hearings into the current abuses in the Family Law System (similar to what happened with the IRS last year.) The group is looking for a sponsor for the Family Rights Act of 2000 – which will give moms and dads the same protections a common criminal has. The right of parents & children to associate is an "inalienable" right. Equal access and participation is assumed. Anyone finding this right challenged has the protection of a jury, and required proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


I have a web site that contains extensive detail and source materials. The address is: -- my background along with my current protest is documented there (along with some other sad stories in our "Hall of Shame"). It also includes some TV clips from some local coverage we received earlier this year.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


                                                                                Sincerely yours,


                                                                                John Murtari

315-635-1968, x-211


CC: Mr. Peter Lyman (Herald Journal Editorials)