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Supreme Court of the United States &
Right to Jury for Custody


Right now I have completed a "Request for Certiorari" to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This is quite a long shot -- the Court gets many, many requests and only a few are heard.  The document has been posted here, along with any progress!   If you would like to read the document, links are available below:

11/30/98 - Letter from the Court Clerk, putting the case on the docket on 27 Nov, any reply briefs to be filed in 30 days.

12/15/98 - Father's Rights of New York State (FRANYS) will submit an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) brief. While the name says "Fathers", the group has members of both sexes -- and promotes joint custody for both parents. Some very talented people spent a lot of their time (with no pay), to help ALL of us! Please let the following folks know you appreciate their efforts:

  • Michael Powers ( he is the president of the New York City Chapter of FRANYS and coordinated the effort.
  • Michael Hizme ( a former candidate for New York State Assembly. He has spent a considerable amount  of time studying the law and helping others.
  • Irwin Eisenstein ( also spent considerable time studying the law and promoting counsel for
    people facing loss of custody.

For those of you unfamilar with the process. The Supreme Court may look at a hundred of these petitions in a week!
Only minutes are spent on each one -- the filing by a third party of a Friend of the Court Brief, highlight the case
to the Court, and can GREATLY improve the chance of it being heard.

1/11/99 - Received letter from Supreme Court Clerk. The petition was denied.