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From: SUPPORT? system down (
Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 18:59:31 EDT

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Hello Supporters,


A quick update: we have been getting a few orders here and there. so
our total raised is $710.80 and that's GREAT , However, we are still a
long way from the goal of $2,174.20 left with only 3 days left to pay
for the editing etc.. Please Please pass this along..URGENT!  shop

Please go to our website here:  and click on the
PayPal banner. It will take you to:¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP-DonationsBF&charset=UTF-8%22">¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP-DonationsBF&charset=UTF-8%22
where you may donate to the film. Thank you!

Again, Thank you to all of you who believe in this project with us and
want it to SUCCEED.

An email came to us that had this link for the New York Post Blogs :
It seems we are along side Lindsay Lohan blogs which is ok, however,
please see our reply below to this post that we feel is unfair to this
project. We are doing the best to show the suffering that leads
parents to suicide and a devastation that is draining our American
families of everything they own. 

Yes we are not perfect we know that. And we also know what we are
doing is right!! Because if we can reform these laws we can uphold
what is called HUMAN RIGHTS and the fundamental rights of a Parent to
be one if he or she desires. 

For anyone who doesn't believe we are submitting or have any chances
in Festivals. Please find the info here for the Brooklyn NY festival
that we are gratefully being considered for. Go ahead and call to get
it stopped if you want we have submitted to 3 others and will do
more!!! The Atlanta Festival will not e released until we get them
what they have requested so that is why WE say tentative. If that's
wrong please forgive us.


Well we don't understand why this film is so controversial and why
your so against us. We only made a film about the corrupt Family Law
court system and of course we are strapped for cash. ALL Indy Film
Makers that don't have any marketing funds to show a small film are
strapped for cash. There is nothing wrong with asking for help is
there?? All we are trying to do is show "the truth" about what's
happening to parents in a system that should be helping them...... not
driving them to suicide.


Well anyway at this point we are so glad that we didn't release the
name of the Atlanta Festival to you (who ever you are) because surely
you would have called them and told then NOT to show this film. That's
probably why we haven made the last 15 festivals we have submitted
to. Oh well just so that the people reading this will know we are
doing what we are saying we are doing here is the latest update on the
Brooklyn Festival that Support?  System Down is now being considered
for: Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival

God Speed

All the Best,



Dear Angelo Lobo

We are pleased to inform you that we received the complete submission
package for the Film: 


Thanks for submitting your film.

To UPDATE or check the status of your submission go to:">

Timeline: Filmmakers selected for the festival will be notified via email
by: May 10, 2009

Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival

FYI: Just in case anyone wants to call and verify go right ahead and if you
want to stop it from getting in then that's on you. We won't stop submitting
and we will NEVER  stop until it gets out into the Public Eye with full
nation distribution.

Answers to some questions that have come in:

Q; Which festival in Atlanta?

A: Unfortunately, At this time we are not revealing the exact one
there are many, including one we are being considered in NY as we
write, until we can reach this goal and then a NATIONAL Press release
will be sent to AP announcing all updated info with Dates.

Q: What's The reason behind the confidentiality?  

A. The truth ,as many of you know, there is an opposition that would
love for this film to fail and or NOT be released. There is to much
"money" at stake.  We want to make sure that we have a seamless
screening and because of over a dozen NOs and rejections because of
the topic content we will not release the names just yet. Also, there
is some BREAKING NEWS regarding the project coming out in our next
National Press Release. It really is not fair what is happening again
to some of these non custodial parents especially in this economy or
anytime. This has to be told and its in the movie!


Q: I tried to send money or make an order through PayPal and its not
working for me.

A: The last link did not work properly. Please find the link here

To order international please go to www.AMAZON.COM and order the Sneak
Preview there or send us an email to . You
will still have credit when it comes time to get your order.


Q: How can I use Pay Pal if I am INTERNATIONAL---- it doesn't seem to
work for me?

A: We  apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. This
has been resolved Please try again.

God Bless

Viva.. SUPPORT? system down  
A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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