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From: SUPPORT? system down (
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 11:32:29 EDT

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Dear Supporters,


I am so honored to write all of you this email. Honestly I'm choked up. You
know its not that I feel MY film is the best film out there or that I am out
to make millions of dollars or that I want your money to live better. If you
only new how many times I hold my head in my hand and wonder what #$^%# am I
doing?  I cant WIN... its just to big, bigger than me, bigger than all of
us. The system made $500 Million last year and here I am still trying to
find a job to feed my family and every time I mention this movie its like oh
oh  here he goes again trying to get his film out there.


 YES, I agree ----I have to because the names and the faces of the people in
this movie stick in my memory NOT only of the ones that unfortunately have
killed but the ones that have committed suicide or the ones that are crying
when they lose their kids or the ones that just lost their homes or maybe it
was the bully who enjoyed raising the bar and collecting more for the child
that was not there. 


You know I don't know what it is that drives you to be here or to do what
your doing. In this movie I hope you will see and one day you will know what
drives ME. 


This is a true experience what I am about to share with you: I was sitting
in my office late the other night writing a note for the editing that will
be coming up and I went to my radio and wanted to get a tape to listen to
somehow and (this spooked me too)  I pulled out a tape I have had on the
shelve for many years that I picked up at a flee market..


The Tape was  THE AMERICAN DREAM with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his
voice live!  I played that tape and heard that mans voice go through me like
it was flowing the day he said it.( I was to young to remember)  I don't
know how else to explain this to you but I am still driven today to get this
film out.  I Thank YOU for trusting me to do it. 


Well ladies and gentlemen : We have raised $1,491.53  by the pure hearts you
have and the support for this movie and what it will stand for. THANK YOU!
The GOAL is $2,885 so the $1,393.47 is till out there. We did receive a few
calls yesterday so I ask you to pray with us today for the heavens to open
and someone to say YES here it is!  We will keep you posted.


P.s. 2 New Festival opportunity have opened up for us. Thank you!




Angelo Lobo






From: SUPPORT? system down [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 10:57 PM
Importance: High


Dear Supporters,


Thank you for all the support and all the emails people have been sending
us. We really appreciate it! I wanted to address an email about me and the
film that is going around and  I really don't know what this persons problem
is regarding the opening of our movie and why she is so hung up on that one
part or person. The film contains so much  very accurate and truthful
information that everyone else has supported us on.  We did respond to her
post on NY Post Blog and will respond to anything that seems false. Thank


The film contains so much more than just the Arroyo Sr. case that we agree
was very tragic and in all cases should have not happened. However, we hope
that everyone will see more to the film and what is happening out there
today in everyday life to non-custodial parents.  Please ignore/avoid her as
some of you that do know me by now (hopefully) know that I am not a
con-artist. We have worked for close to 4 years on getting this out and only
trying to get a film that  people want and need to see. Thank you. 


We have submitted to many festivals and are being considered for them.
Regarding the film bombing in NY as you all know we continue to screen it
anyway possible. Sometime we don't even have funds to make posters but we go
anyway and with the help of many we put on the best show we could. With ALL
of our screenings we have lost funding and continue to push forward. No more
air miles or free car rentals. 


Regarding making money on this film or others paying to be interviewed.. LoL
: Many times the film was locked and we needed support to add what everyone
felt was key comments and points that were missing so yes we did have costs
for editing and needed support to do it. We got it done and what you see is
what you'll get. There were 220 hours taken down to 72 minutes to get as
much as possible about issues.  As for the Atlanta festival please see our
post reply to hers on the blog. 


Again the film speaks for its self (even the Sneak Peak that was screened in
Washington DC at the DC Rally2007 was well excepted and everyone has been
very helpful. I'm sorry to say  we can not stop because one person doesn't
not agree with everything that is in a movie created with heart soul to
hopefully move you and the public to ask questions about what is really
happening within the child support and divorce industry. We have removed her
from our news list and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Thank you.


As they say..The show must go on!!!


Warmest Regards,

Angelo Lobo


P.S .  If you doubt my creditability please find one of MANY confirmations
here below .  IF you would like to confirm with them you may ,however, its
best if you let the committee make their own judgments regarding the film.
IF it bombs its no ones fault it is what it is... that's why its called


Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival

Dear Angelo Lobo

We are pleased to inform you that we received the complete submission
package for the Film: 


Thanks for submitting your film.

To UPDATE or check the status of your submission go to:">

Timeline: Filmmakers selected for the festival will be notified via email
by: May 10, 2009

Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival











>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SORRY about THIS Friends
of Support?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


On April 11, 2009, received an emailed plea for
financial support from Angelo Lobo, the Producer/Writer/Director of
"Support? System Down" supposedly to enable the film to be shown at an
*unnamed* movie festival in Atlanta. Might want to take a pass on that. 

This was news to all five Atlanta film festivals contacted for verification.
(The film bombed in NY two years earlier).

The short version? Angelo Lobo refused to respond to our calls and emails
verifying information. So our suggestion is to keep your money, or spend it
on a movie worth seeing.   As was discovered, this film, for many reasons,
is no "documentary." 

This film is an insult to documentarians and men who love their families,
everywhere.   However, we found it curious that calls and emails to Mr. Lobo
requesting he verify the festival, were not returned.   That said, calls and
emails to all five area Atlanta Film Festival officials, were.

None had heard of Mr. Lobo or the film. This includes a festival
specializing in documentaries.

Later, Lobo sent another email expressing a need for confidentiality because
"some people want us to fail." 

We don't want it to fail for the simple reason it already has.  I have
personally never heard of any producer who refused to identify a movie
festival he or she hoped to screen a movie.  But and again, the movie failed
two years ago, (hence the ongoing requests for money). 

Yet Lobo continues billing the film as a documentary exposing corruption in
the child support system, although it is not a documentary. Below addresses

1. The individuals and groups interviewed in this movie paid to be included.
However because Mr. Lobo chose not to mention their paid "support" the
public remains unaware of their financial incentive.

2. Mr. Lobo plays a key role in the movie. He tells the audience the Texas,
courthouse double murder committed by David Hernandez Arroyo Sr., was why he
had to make the movie. As the shooting made national news, any true
documentarian would have interviewed family members and police personnel.
Mr. Lobo did not. This would INCLUDE surviving son, David Hernandez Arroyo
Jr., who was shot by his own father. 

3. We saw the movie during a California screening a few years ago, after
being assured by Mr. Lobo the movie was a proponent for "shared parenting."
It was not. The first woman speaking against the child support system didn't
appear until well into the movie, and her one-line, seconds-on-screen
qualifies as a cameo. (The second woman's appearance was near the film end.
By now she could be lying on the cutting room floor). 

Here's where it gets really interesting.

4. We obtained copies of police reports surrounding the murders, as well as
prior instances of calls to the family home, and the killer's earlier arrest
for DUI. We interviewed police personnel and quite a different picture
emerged. Unfortunately the facts surrounding the murders are missing from
the film. 

Why?  Perhaps because after a twenty-two year marriage, one David Sr., who'd
been arrested before, continued to terrorize his family. He also swore he'd
never pay child support for his six year old son.  And local police
defaulted on protecting Mirabel Estrada. (Also not uncommon.) See

Newspaper reports quoting her attorney, Joshua Wintters, saying Mirabel was
not fearful were not fact-checked, and remained wildly inaccurate.

Ms. Estrada's not speaking English, also contributed to continuing
inaccuracies. However, in speaking with the police translator involved, we
learned Mirabel said she did not believe she'd survive the divorce, much
less a court hearing for back, child support. 

Thus the reality is Mr. Lobo wants financial support for documentary that
isn't, while attempting to make family killer, Mr. Arroyo, the poster boy
for an unfair child support system. 

Who benefits from that?  Only Mr. Lobo.

What seems clear is Mr. Lobo could have either picked a better role model,
or chosen make a more truthful film. 

Unfortunately, he chose neither. 

While we believe anyone can support whatever film they desire, as Mr. Lobo
chose not to be truthful in his emails, his movie, or his representations of
Atlanta film festivals.   So the question becomes, why would men support a
movie that is based on a guy who not only killed his ex-wife, but also tried
to take out his son?  And for the record, mostly fathers kill their
children.  See  Check out the State of
Oklahoma.  California's right up there too.  






A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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