Baskerville on Marriage, Murtari to "Family" Court, and Batman!

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 11:30:46 EDT

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1. More Action in Canada - Batman!
2. Stephen Baskerville - Published on Marriage
3. Murtari & Support - "Family" Court on Monday
4. Thoughts - on approaching a "settlement"

1. More Action in Canada - Batman!
Submitted by: "oct1st2005" <>  Sat, May 2

4J Action in B.C. -- Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

This morning before the sun arose the Burnaby Batman with the help of
his trusted comrades scaled the Johnson street bridge in Victoria BC
in protest. Our objective was to draw attention to parental alienation
and to present our position on the current political parties running
in the up coming BC election on May 12/09.

>From the front of the Johnson street bridge we unfurled a 20 foot by
20 foot banner that read "BC Liberals Alienating Families Since
2001". On the rear of the bridge we hung a 8 by 10 No Dads Party (NDP)
banner and on the side of the bridge a banner that read "Save Katy". At
the bottom of the bridge we hung another large banner that read
"Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse".

For more click:

2. Stephen Baskerville - Published on Marriage
[ Just got news of this.  Great one page article on the growing
troubles facing the concepts of family & marriage. - John ]

Submitted by: "Stephen Baskerville" <>

Here is a short piece I just published in Mandate, the newsletter of
the Anglican Prayer Book Society. It makes a radical proposal at the
end and might be worth showing to your pastors, priests, and fellow

Stephen Baskerville, PhD, Associate Professor of Government
Patrick Henry College, 1 Patrick Henry Circle
Purcellville, Virginia  20132

3. Murtari & Support - "Family" Court on Monday
Yes, that's me, John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org). In thirteen
years of struggles and a lot of appearances I've never had a 'win' --
so maybe this is my time! History at:

I've not driven since last November and finally put a 'support
modification' petition together in March.  I really need that license
to survive.  Although the history is bad, over $90,000 in arrears,
jailed twice for six & four months on violations -- I'm hopeful. The
other thirteen years were decided in Onondaga County with the same set
of faces.  This will be in Wayne County, Lyons, NY.

Still a lot of history to overcome, but at least some new faces.

You're welcome to review my petition.  I tried to keep it short. Only
four pages of real text, a couple of nice pictures, and a spread sheet
on income and expenses for the past 13 years.

Feel free to write back with your prediction on what will happen and
what I deserve (and why).

4. Thoughts - on approaching a "settlement"
A continuation of #3 above.  As bitter as our divorce and subsequent
13 years have been - I've been supremely thankful my son Dom and I
have maintained a close & loving relationship (he's now 16).

I read so many of your horror stories, especially those who've been
alienated and not seen your kids in years! I would not trade places
even if I lost all the 'material' things I have. What can ever replace
the gaping hole left behind when a child, "bone of your bones, and
flesh of your flesh" -- is torn away?

I've been told (as many of you have experienced), that a settlement
would be easy if I would just "confess" the debt I owe and agree to
make payments each month, say $50 to the arrears, and a few hundred
moving forward.  Of course, all the prior judgments against me would
remain in place, the liens against my home, and I wouldn't be able to
keep a bank account open.   My response?

Any legal process in which fundamental rights are not recognized is
inherently flawed and can only lead to unjust results. Have you ever
tried to imagine back to the days of slavery? How much Appellate case
law there probably was about how to treat slaves as property, how
seriously it was argued in Southern Courts -- but void of justice.

My (and yours) most fundamental and precious right to be presumed a
FIT & EQUAL parent to our child is neither recognized or protected.

I've fulfilled, with difficulty (but pleasure), the moral obligations
I have for my child in spite of the system.  I've provided all the
support and love I can.  At the present time I don't "owe" anything.

To 'confess' the debt, to give my intellectual consent to making extra
payments would be a lie, and a bad one -- I want my license back, so
I'll just pay them, it's the best I can do....  (sound familiar?)

So.... I go into Court hoping for justice and another 'order' that may
be a little more reasonable than before.  They can order anything, but
I only denigrate myself and my rights when I agree.

REAL SETTLEMENT - a chance for healing. Clearing the slate of the past
and moving forward for both of us.  The freedom to act as we think
best for our child, for ourselves, and for the other parent. To
demonstrate generosity and love for others -- which always involves
risk and can never be forced.

ALMOST - You know, I thought we might have come close. For a while it
seemed my former spouse was willing to settle for a single, much
smaller, lump sum payment -- clear the past judgments, support
payments, and court involvement.  For some reason it fell through, but
I can't blame her.  How hard it would be to give up a potential
$99,000 for $10,000 -- could any of us?

It's not the people, it's a terrible system of injustice that runs
parent at each other like locomotives on the same track (remember the
Adam's family?).

Your thoughts?
                                       John Murtari
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