Action in Canada, Minnesota & send in Mother's day events.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 08:47:06 EDT

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This message has info on:

1. Action in Canada - Batman & Batgirl!
2. Action in Minnesota - Rally at State Capital (May 2).
3. Equal Parenting - Article in REAL Women's publication.
4. Mother's Day - send us your events.
5. EPOC_NEWS - A great list on yahoogroups.

1. Action in Canada - Batman & Batgirl!
Submitted by: Burnaby Batman <>

Apr 29 - Greetings all from Vancouver BC. Today I received a copy of
the A channel news clip that featured the Ontario Bat Girl and her
Cookstown Action. Many thanks go to Kris Z for promptly supplying us
this news clip. It has since been converted and is now up on the
Ontario Bat Girls Action Page. Be sure to click on the corresponding
link when there. Visit:

April 25 - Parental Alienation Awareness Day - Caped crusaders,
Burnaby Batman & the Ontario Bat Girl take to the skies in high flying
protest actions to raise awareness to parental alienation.

It is with great honour that I welcome our newest F4J Canada
Superhero, the Ontario Bat Girl ( Paulette MacDonald ), to the F4J
Canada superhero family.  On April 25/09 in the wee morning hours the
Ontario Bat Girl scaled a 100 foot water tower at the Outlet Mall in
Cookstown Ontario to draw attention to Parental Alienation. Bat Girl
remained upon the structure for 7 hours before being brought town by

Please visit the F4J Canada Action Site at for all
the details along with many pictures and links to media coverage
received so far. To view directly follow this link:

Back here in BC the Burnaby Batman scales the Johnson street bridge in
Victoria BC the same morning to draw attention to parental
alienation. Batman remained upon the super structure for a couple of
hours before being talked down by authorities. Please visit the F4J
Canada Action Site for all the details. To view directly follow this
Please be sure to refresh all pages when revisiting the site to make
sure you are seeing the most up to date actions.   Once more I would
like to thank all those who participated.

My best to you and yours: Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice

2. Action in Minnesota - Rally at State Capital (May 2)
Submitted by: "Randy Barnes"

On Saturday May 2nd, there will be a rally held at the Minnesota State
Capitol from 11am to 4pm.  We need volunteers to attend and get out
the message about Family Law and how it is destroying our children.
We will be setting up a booth but we need your help to hold signs and
pass out literature.  If you can only make it for a couple of hours,
then great!  Any time that you can help would be appreciated.

If you can help out, please contact me either via e-mail at <> or at

3. Equal Parenting - Article in REAL Women's publication.
[ Please follow the link and read the article below by Kris Titus,
very active with F4J in Canada. It is excellent! - John]

Submitted by: "Kris Titus"

I was deeply, deeply honored to be asked to write for the REALity
newsletter.  Maurice Vellacott [A Canadian Member of Parliament] has
asked their permission to display this article on his site:

How do you explain why we need equal parenting in 600 words or less? 
LOL I did my best

The article link follows:

Thanks all

[ If the above link got chopped, try going to this and clicking on the
"Real Women" folder, dated April 23: ]

4. Mother's Day - send us your events.
Mother's day is only a few weeks away.  If your group is planning an
equal parenting (parent's rights) event for that day -- please send
it in!  Our site has a submission form:

Below is some text from a recent discussion.  What's your FEEDBACK?

--- "Kris Titus"

> F4J would like to ask if anyone/everyone would support the idea of
> Father's Day parades.
> Each organization can make and bring their own banner and we could
> have a march through the main streets in major cities and end with a
> barbecue, education, fun day etc.
> We would like to work with other organizations on this, especially
> those who do yearly events on Father's Day so we don't interfere
> with existing plans.
> I have spoken to Sarvy Emo of PAAO who is also interested.  Please
> let us know if this is something you might want to explore further.

> Thanks everyone - Kris

I distributed the information about Bat Girl and glad to see you folks
are so active and organized in Canada.  I would really like seeing F4J
be active in parades for both Mother's and Father's day.  While I
certainly agree that Fathers are most hurt by the injustice that goes
on in Family law right now -- I really believe we need to be 'equal'
in our actions.  The most powerful weapon opponents of reform have is
to turn this into a Mom v. Dad struggle. - John

> I totally hear what you're saying John, but we already have
> something planned for Mother's Day ;)

> Maybe next year.  Thanks Kris

5. EPOC_NEWS - A great list on yahoogroups.
I monitor a LOT of yahoogroups and just wanted to give an endorsement
of EPOC_news:

The letters stand for: Equal Parenting Of Canada (nice goal!)

The list has a high signal-to-noise ratio and contains a lot of good
information regarding events and politics in Canada -- which does
appear to have much more coordinated activity than here in the United
States.  Maybe we could all learn something?

Check it out!

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