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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 14:36:58 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on two items:

1. Murtari action - chalk message not 'offensive'.
2. Your FEEDBACK - on action & sacrifice.

1. Murtari action - chalk message not 'offensive'.
For photos and descriptions of the effort during the past two weeks
please go to: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/parental_notification

I've been gradually increasing the amount of chalk used.  Yesterday,
10/28, I began writing on the sidewalk outside the County
Courthouse. "Mr Oaks - HELP FAMILY RIGHTS"

Someone from building security came out and said, "That's not allowed.
You're going to have to stop writing on the sidewalk.  There won't be
any trouble if you stop now, you can just leave..."  He was very nice
about it and didn't act threatening.

I simply responded, "I don't mean to cause a hassle,... but I really
can't leave and need to keep writing."

At that point he said he'd have to call someone to respond.  I kept
writing until I ran out of chalk.  Then just quietly walked up and
down the sidewalk.  A few minutes later a police car pulled up and the
officer went inside...

Half an hour later he came out.  When he approached I was ready to be
arrested, but got surprised.  He explained quite a few phone calls had
been made and they couldn't determine how to arrest me.  They wanted
to charge me with writing 'graffiti', but my message was clearly not
offensive (and I do print neatly!). He left.

I stayed a total of two hours and was surprised to have at least two
County employees come up to me and say, "Good message!"

It was my plan to return today, Oct 28, with a lot more chalk -- but
was called off because of rain!

ONE person can be labeled a 'crank' -- THREE people are a movement!
We have so much power when we take 'risks' to send a positive message.
I've not tried to get media attention, because it's just me and they
get tired of that.  Obviously, if I was joined by another mother &
father we could send a very strong signal and get good media coverage.

Our legislators would certainly pay much more attention.  Its been
said so many times before -- we fail to make progress not because of
"them" but because of "us".  Our actions must be as powerful as the
love we have for our kids. We need to have Faith in the power of love.

I'm still looking for another Mom & Dad to join the effort.  Please
contact me if you're interested <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org> If you're too
far way, take just a moment and contact Mr. Oaks about recognizing the
simple right to know you are a parent.

web:   http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?ad=128
email: oaksr@assembly.state.ny.us
phone: 315-946-5166
write: Assemblyman Robert Oaks, 10 Leach Road, Lyons, NY 14489 

2. Your FEEDBACK - on action & sacrifice.

--- Fred Sottile <fredsottile@sbcglobal.net>

> I am writing because I just read your contribution to the F4J yahoo
> group. I wanted to express my thanks. Your "way" of standing up for
> justice, righteousness and yourself has great merit and is truly
> appreciated by me, and I am sure by many others. 

> It is not my "way" but It is beautiful and perhaps best. It
> certainly is best for you as it is the way of John Murtari, the only
> way it could be for you. I will, as it is God's will, continue with
> you in the only way that I can. Together, with the many others who
> walk our path, we will do what we must. Sincerely, as ever, Fred
> Sottile

--- Sheryle <Rockymtnmom2@aol.com>

> I just think there are so many other ways to get your message
> across. You are so much more effective when you can help all of us
> and you can't do that when you are in jail.  Please re think this,
> participate in a parade, lobby congress, or hold a permitted
> rally. Just my personal opinion and concern for you and your son.

> ...I just hope that you will survive again, for your sake and for
> Dom's I feel that you risk your life the last time and I know that
> you and Dom are very close and life would hurt forever if he doesn't
> have you. Sheryle

I won't be doing any non-cooperation [by not voluntarily eating or
drinking] this time!  That only happens when they come and arrest me
(which has only been twice, once for the support a few years ago, and
then jailed for the license last year). Normally, when I am initiating
the action, my voluntary sacrifice is giving up my freedom.  That is
enough.  I agree with you and do not take the health risk lightly.

The other ways of getting the 'message across' that you mention
are all valuable and must be done.  At the same time, if we truly
think Family Rights are one of the GREAT Civil Rights -- then they
won't come easy nor without sacrifice. I think history is pretty clear
on that.

I certainly know I can't do it alone, but I have to do what I know I
can do.  Dom is aware of my activities and why -- and he understands
because he saw what the system put us through.  We are very fortunate
and he also understands 'giving back'.

--- Joanne Rudman Scheafnocker <aces4kids_jo@yahoo.com>

> You haven't heard from me in a while, but I have followed every step
> of your work during this entire time.  I thought some avenue of
> communication would finally be granted to you after Hillary left the
> area.  Apparently political office puts some above all the real
> issues that we parents are going through.  Maybe public office
> grants some kind of immunity from court injustice so that these
> officials turn a deaf ear to the pleadings of the real victims.

> ... All I can do for now is pray for you, support you in all you do,
> and to encourage you as best as I can John, I have been diagnosed
> with cancer and also have a severe malfunctioning heart.  I have
> asked the dear Lord to accept my sufferings, and even death if it is
> in His plan, so that this nation founded on Christian family values
> will finally eliminate all the obstacles between parents who,
> against their will, have been so wronged as to lose precious
> bonding, loving time with their children. 

> If you do go to jail again, you will not be alone!  Please, just
> never give up the faith.  You embody my idea of a true fathers'
> right activist. I had begun to write a book recently and am
> desperately trying to complete it while I am able. Blindness slows
> me down because I had to adapt many of my computer skills, but I am
> strongly motivated.  

> The title is:  Fathers' Rights, Fathers' Wrongs and sums up my
> observations of the Fathers' Rights Movement from my personal
> experiences working with the National Congress for Fathers and
> Children along with multiple grass roots organizations in numerous
> states; factual cases and incidents that I witnessed working as a
> volunteer court certified child advocate in Pennsylvania; and years
> of intense research. There is a university library in one of the
> mid-western states (I cannot remember off hand) that supposedly
> collects documentation from the "beginning" of the Fathers' Rights
> groups in this country.  From what I've read, there does not seem to
> be enough evidence to support this fact.

> Go in peace and assurance that you are making a tremendous
> difference.  In your humbleness, you will indeed leave a great
> legacy to the cause of the non-custodial parents like yourself.

--- Randall Scotti <randyscotti@yahoo.com>

> Thanks for the encouragement John! Keep trusting God...bad is our
> limited scope assessment of the situation. Habakkuk asked the same-
> How God? Why God? We are your chosen. Habakkuk's resolve - 2:1,
> remain steadfast as a watchman, awaiting the Lord's response. God
> responded three verses later- "The just shall live by faith!"

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