[AKidsRight.Org] Court takes kid from obese Mom & Why risk jail & Shared parenting?

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 17:50:54 EST

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1. Court takes newborn from obese Mother - best for the kids!
2. Why risk jail? - ask Donald Tenn.
3. What's your goal - shared parenting sounds nice?
4. Support? System Down - discounts on movie preview!

1. Court takes newborn from obese Mother - best for the kids!
[ This is a good article.  Should social services have that much power
over family life.  I don't think so (see below in #3). How about just
'offering' help from the community - no threats allowed?  

OR - How about taking kids from people that smoke at home - easy! How
about taking kids from people who: never donate to charity, never done
anything to help anyone else, and have also been convicted of welfare
fraud and are tax cheats -- just bad examples!? - John ]

Submitted by: Rev. Gregory Allen Smart Sr <cpsvictim@gmail.com>


2. Why risk jail? - ask Donald Tenn.
[ Many of you have heard of Donald Tenn <donaldtenn@yahoo.com>, he
has been active organizing F4J in the U.S. and also participated in
hanging a banner off a crane outside a Ohio State football game.  He
is now facing trial on some serious charges for that...

Why would he risk jail. I encourage you to follow the story below.
Great pictures of him and his little girl, Madison -- definitely
worth the risk! - John]

Submitted by Teri Stoddard <teri.sharedparentingworks@gmail.com>


3. What's your goal - shared parenting sounds nice?

> Children should have the right to have both parents involved in the
> daily lives. With the exceptions that if either parent would harm
> the child or allow someone else to harm them, they should not be. If
> both parents love and care about their children then we believe both
> should be in their children's lives.

Maybe stronger words are needed.  One bite of the apple is 'sharing'
and so is seeing your child every other weekend, or less if we don't
think that is best.  Who is going to measure if I "love" my child or
have shown the correct amount of "caring"?  Sounds like the same
system we have now?

Should we perhaps consider, the only way to truly have 'both' parents
is two have two EQUAL parents.  Whether they are good, average, or
poor parents?  This may sound radical, but I don't have to prove my
"love" for my child to anyone to be an EQUAL parent.

Couldn't it be simpler?  We are EQUAL, unless a unanimous jury verdict
in a criminal trial finds us guilty of intentionally trying to harm
our kids with malintent?  Is this too bold a standard?  It seems it
would get rid of a lot of family court fights about who cares most or
what's best.  It would also make the noble goals of more mediation
actually work -- because you have equal parties.


4. Support? System Down - discounts on movie preview!
Submitted by: Angelo Lobo <info@supportthemovie.com>

Thank you for supporting this project! We Are now offering the
official T-Shirt worn at the Peach Tree Film Festival along with a 60%
DISCOUNT OFF the "Sneak Peek" DVD in hopes to raise awareness to these
issues. BUY-IT NOW and pass it to your legislators, judges, lawyers,
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Please use the code (supporter) for an additional discount at check out.
Thank You.


[ Very good video from a parent in New Jersey: We won't enforce you
seeing the kids, but keep paying the money! - John ]


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