Human Rights Week & the Advent of Reform?

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Dec 06 2009 - 17:18:51 EST

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1. Human Rights Week (Dec 10-17) - are we ready?
2. The Advent of Reform - what's it take?
3. Apology - and call to action.
4. Murtari interview on WCMF - what would you say?

1. Human Rights Week (Dec 10-17) - are we ready?

A great opportunity to call some attention to Family Rights. Media
will be looking for public actions regarding Human Rights.  How about
actions by parents (even YOU, just one) outside Courts and Legislative
offices: Just a silent picket carrying a picture of parents & children
unjustly separated, or take some kid's chalk and write a message on
the sidewalk.

Let's make Dec 15th the target date, but choose any day in the
interval.  Just email your info to: jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org as soon as
you can.  We'll send out a list message by Thursday, Dec 10, so other
interested people in your area can join you!

Distribute copies and support "The Declaration of Family Rights."

Petition ->

Poster -> http://www.AKidsRight.Org/parental_notification/family-rights-poster.pdf

On Monday, Dec 14th, we'll send out a coordinated Press Release to
media nationwide about the actions of individual parents and
groups. It will highlight activity from the 15th - 17th.  Send in your
contact info and the contact info for News media in your local area --
we'll help blow the horn!

2. The Advent of Reform - what's it take?
We are now in the season of Advent - a time of reflection &
introspection before Christmas.  Instead of focusing outward, how
about asking ourselves what we can do?

For so many, many people in groups and mailing lists -- it's just
about THEIR case, getting THEIR kid's back.  They may succeed or fail,
but they have no larger goal?

When we see the 'bigger picture' and broaden our hearts -- we'll
discover that it's a great feeling helping someone else.  It may be
too late for you, but you can make sure it doesn't happen again....

Please add your signature to the "Declaration of Family Rights" -- but
what are you willing to sacrifice to make it a reality?

Take some time, read some of the history on Civil Disobedience and
NonViolent action that we have at the site:

It doesn't require any anger and you can stand proud for everything
you do.  You just have to believe.

3. Apology - and call to action.
At times I fell apologetic for stopping at four arrests.  The last on
Dec 1st was a tough decision. I get to see my son for Christmas (Dec
19-31st) and I didn't want to risk that, but I also had to try and
have Faith -- they arrested me, but luckily, didn't send me to
jail. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/parental_notification

I hope to resume my actions in January.  WHAT STOPPED ME?  Because it
doesn't depend on me.  Any one of you can do the same things, all it
takes is "a piece of chalk and a dream!"  ONLY I can be a Father to my

Many Mothers & Fathers will not even get to see your children for
Christmas.  WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?  I would think Christmas in a jail
cell, caused by loving sacrifice for your belief in reform -- would be
more joyful & satisfying than a Christmas without family?

I feel real reform efforts are getting closer each day.  We are
beginning to see & feel the indignity.  Imagine yourself a Black in
Alabama in 1950, and the bus driver says to you, "You Ni$$ger, get to
the back of the bus and take your Ni$$ger kids with you!"

How would YOU respond on that day, the next?  What's the strongest
action you'd take to uphold your dignity, the dignity of your
children?  The dignity of others?  Would you s "write a letter" or
would you join the "Freedom Riders" -- the Blacks that peacefully sat
in the front of buses and didn't resist arrest and jail?

Writing is good, legislative and court actions are good, but the
demonstrations of public action are also required

4. Murtari interview on WCMF - what would you say?
If you would like to hear the radio interview regarding chalk writing
activities, go to:

http://www.AKidsRight.Org/parental_notification and scroll down the
page for the entry on Dec. 2nd.  Thanks to Mark Hough
<> for making a high-quality recording.

How did this interview get setup?  It just happened the host saw a
local arrest report and wondered why anyone would be 'repeatedly'
arrested for graffitti at a local courthouse? 

The "hosts" don't understand why Family Rights is such a big issue?
We need to show them by our actions - RIGHT?
                                       John Murtari
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