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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Dec 12 2009 - 09:24:37 EST

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1. Paint on Courthouse - Boston parent.
2. Tiger Woods & Janine (porn star) - Fit and Equal parents?
3. Human Rights Week - what if nobody shows up?

1. Paint on Courthouse
Story from: Teri Stoddard <>

    "An unhappy parent was caught red-handed tagging a courthouse after
    being denied a holiday visit with his sons.  Andrew Steele, 45, of
    Tacoma, Wash. used three cans of spray paint to write "Steele boys
    rights denied" in large letters on the Brockton District Court in
    Boston, Mass.... (see links for full story)


The story has over 50 comments so far at the Boston news site.  Here
is what I wrote:

    "While I'm not sure the message had to be written in paint --
    maybe kid's chalk might have been better. I AM SURE the message
    about denying Family Rights and the rights of kids to BOTH parents
    needs to said. In a nation that feels we have recognized and
    protected every civil right -- what about the right to raise &
    nurture your own children? The right to be presumed FIT & EQUAL
    unless first convicted in a criminal trial of intentionally trying
    to harm your kids. 

    What I can't believe in this story is $50,000 bail! I've seen
    assault cases with severe physical injury and just a few thousand
    in bail? You want to stop this from happening again? How about
    realizing we need a Declaration of Family Rights?"

Your FEEDBACK is welcome.  If you right in for/against this type of
action, ALSO include what public actions (if any) you would be willing
to take for Family Rights.

2. Tiger Woods & Janine (porn star) - Fit and Equal parents?
What I like about high-profile cases is they make us think.  So often
we fine ourselves agreeing with the rest of the herd.  Should we?

A few weeks ago we ran a story about a former porn star, Janine
Lindemulder, in a custody battle with her former husband (now married
to "America's Mom" Sandra Bullock).  If we use the Declaration of
Family Rights as a guide on principles, they both should have been
equal parents.

It was hard to believe some "Father's group" were siding with the guy?
Being EQUAL was not enough -- it wouldn't be in the child's best

Well, it looks like the "Judge" made his decision about what was in
the "best interest" of their 5 year old daughter.

    "On Monday, a California court denied Lindemulder's request for
    extended custody of the 5-year-old daughter she had with James,
    according to the court documents acquired by the Los Angeles
    Times. Lindemulder, 39, asked that her weekly visitations be
    expanded to include overnight stays, but Commissioner Thomas
    Schulte has kept them restricted to daytime hours only."

Whenever I hear from a parent, about the worst indignity (besides
'supervised' visits) is not being able to have your child overnight.
To read them a story and put them to bed, and wake them up in the
morning to a new day....

It appears Janine and her daughter do not merit that "privilege." 
There is one bright spot; however, the Judge did say (in a special
exception) her daughter could stay overnight Christmas eve -- how
thoughtful! [Please excuse my sarcasm, but it turns my stomach
everytime I hear about his type of legal micro-management of family

Tiger Woods?  Many of you have seen all the news report.  There is
really not much to add here. Again, a FIT & EQUAL parent.

Your FEEDBACK welcome.

3. Human Rights Week - what if nobody shows up?

Earlier this week we sent out a message asking people to individually
take the time for a silent picket on Family Rights outside of a local
Courthouse or Legislator's office.  It would have been great to send
out a Press Release on what individual parents were doing across the

Unfortunately, there was no response.

I do plan on being outside the Courthouse in Lyons, NY on Dec 15th at
2 PM.  If you think you may be able to join me for an hour, please let
me know. If I get a few people I will contact local media on Monday
and let them know we have an event as part of "Human Rights Week."

                                       Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
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