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How to Contact John and His Family

There are several ways to reach him:

  • If it is something urgent, i.e. a news interview, planned protest in sympathy to this "strike", legal assistance.  You can call his office at 315-635-1968 (x-211) and leave a message with John directly.  If he is in Jail, call the office and try x-213 (ask for George).   John calls the office almost every day.

  • To offer words of advice or encouragement (which are ALWAYS welcome!).  If the status page indicates he is not currently jailed, you can call (above) or email him at

    It would be best to write him when in jail.  He does try to answer all letters (but money is a bit tight!), if you can include an envelope and a stamp that makes it much easier.  The address is:

    John Murtari
    PO Box 143
    Jamesville, NY 13078

To reach his family:

  • John is the only child, and his mother (83), is still living. Check here if you wish to send her a "card" in support.

  • He has a cousin, also named John Murtari. He can be reached via E-mail as: