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Family Rights Act Progress

This page will be updated to show progress in forming a group to start working on Civil Right's Legislation.  If you want to help, please email the coordinator, John Murtari, and your name will be added to the group and any mailings.

What to Do:

Need people  to write their legislators. We can also use help with researching the wording used in past legislation. If you need help in getting your Representatives name/address you can try the Congressional or Senate web sites. You can probably also call any elected officials in your town -- their offices should know. Just print out a copy of the Act from our website and write a brief letter (click here for a sample.)  The please let us know and we will post your efforts below.

Congressional Actions (send us your info and we will post here):

Other News:

9/5/99 - Initial draft of  The Family Rights Act for your review and comment.

10/4/99 - We have revision B of  The Family Rights Act for your review and comment.

1/8/2000 - Revision C of The Family Rights Act.

List of Members - as of 5/102000: