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Here are just a few of the many photos I have. Like many of you who are cutoff from your children -- photos take on a very special meaning. Some of these were all taken during my most recent visit to California, at the end of October.

Dom with Pumpkin

This is what being a kid is all about ... carving up that pumpkin man and pulling his guts out...  

As many of you can appreciate, we only had the weekend and tried to do as much as we could just playing together.

Dom rarely wants to go to a movie or other place.   He just likes to stay together and play "spiders", a little imaginary game we play with our hands since he was a small child.

We also just run around in the woods and explore -- the mountains in California were perfect for that!

Domenic & DaddyA portrait of the both of us together -- pardon the glare off the head!

I wasn't sure whether to put the next photo in or not.  I didn't really know Dom had tears coming to his eyes until I had the prints developed.   On our last day in California my mom took some pictures of us -- toward the end I told Domenic that I would send them to him after we left ... he got very quiet (and there must have been that horrible pain of seperation).

If this picture make you "sick", you can imagine what it does to me.  These tears of his are something I have had to experience TOO many times on seperation from him -- and for no good reason... tired of the tears, tired of having to count the days to him till he "gets" to see me again -- many of you have experienced this same thing. It is awful.

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