c/o Software Workshop Inc.
55 E. Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY  13027
10 February 2000

Representative James Walsh

P.O. Box 7306

1340 Federal Building

Syracuse, NY 13261


Dear Representative Walsh,


I am writing regarding a recent Court Order (attached) I received which has your name on it – and of which you may not be aware.  It was given to me yesterday by Syracuse City Judge Higgins and came as a bit of a surprise to both me and my attorney.  It appears to be of similar form to an Order of Protection used against someone who is a “stalker.”


I certainly do not consider myself that (and I hope you concur).  I sent you a letter on December 26th regarding my efforts and those of the group Kids-Right.Org and got a fair and courteous reply from you.  It  appears authorities were having some problems finding a “lawful” basis to prohibit my actions (most of the charges were dropped along with the prior protection order) – perhaps they felt using your name would make the order “stick.”


My hope is that you can resolve this quickly with Judge Higgins (if it was not requested by you) and have the “order” lifted.  The very act of me writing you this letter will subject me to a Criminal Contempt charge for violating the order (no communication with you). 


I have enclosed a recent newspaper article from a local paper which does a nice job in explaining our goals and our “sincerity.”  For both you and your staff, please understand I am not trying to play “political games” with an issue which strikes so close to home for me. Years ago I had considered a run for Congress against you (and as part of my research attended a town meeting you had).  I want you to know I was impressed with your background in social work and your true sincerity in wanting to help  people.

A few months ago I wrote to you about sponsorship of the Family Rights Act. I believe I talked to “Pat” from your Washington office, he told me I could expect a reply – but  nothing has come yet. Congressman, I hope you could at least consider raising the issue with your colleagues regarding holding hearings into the Family Law system (just for fact finding). Personally, I think it is a “sleeper” issue and I’m sure you would hear some powerful testimony – which might make eventual reform more likely.


I look forward to your reply.  If your staff has any questions they can contact me at my office, 635-1968, x-211


                                                                                    John Murtari