CNN on Human Rights - childless man does year in jail for support?

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Jul 16 2009 - 07:59:42 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

Just a quick notification on what appeared as a top story at the CNN
website this morning:

It took action by a local Human Rights organization to get this parent
out of jail.  I'm sure a lot of readers didn't even think you could be
jailed for failing to 'support' a child who isn't yours?

As Mothers and Fathers who have families hurt by the system.  I think
we all know how easy those types of actions are.  Without first
recognizing "rights", how can any legal system provide "justice" ?

Think about Family Rights and goals:

Join the National Parents Leadership Council and join like-minded
people:  http://www.NatiionalPLC.Org/

Take loving action and demonstrate sacrifice to show others the power
of your (and our) beliefs.

Best regards!

                                       John Murtari
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