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From: SUPPORT? system down (info@supportthemovie.com)
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 13:49:56 EDT

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Dear Friends,




The SUPPORT? train has picked up  momentum! All Aboard to the Peach Tree
International Film Festival at the Underground in Atlanta. We truly feel
this can and will be a BIG EVENT  for this movement and to help so many
people across the country being affected and incarcerated by these Issues.
After so many years we are in a Film Festival.


Again, IF you can help just by passing the word and showing up to this event
or send a friend, please do so. The more people that  have a voice and show
these are serious issues, the more it can help this country. Thank you!


IF you can donate for more advertising or to help us with transportation
cost please seethe link below. 


***Thank you VERY MUCH to an  anonymous donor who came aboard to help with a
$500 contribution. THANK YOU!*****!


We have raised $620.00 so far. Thank you.


We are also researching to have a conference room set-up for a Questions and
Answer time before or after the film so if you know of a place there and can
help please let us know by emailing info@supportthemovie.com . 





Support? System Down is SCREENING at its first major film festival in
Atlanta. The Peach Tree International Film Festival  will be screening
Support? at the  Underground Atlanta, 4:00 PM Sat, September 26, 2009.Please
come to the event if you can and bring a friend. Tickets are available here
www.pviff.com Or Click on our What's New page at www.supportthemovie.com. 


 We have to get there and also get some PRESS Releases out so we are trying
to raise $460.00  to get a room, transportation, More Press Releases and
some food expense.  


Please pass the word we need your help! Don't have the money? Don't worry
just ask someone you think can help and just keep asking. 

We appreciate that in itself.


Please if you can help now is the time to do it. We have to be there in
hopes to meet a distributor and get this film out there as it is crucial for
this project and others like it to get into the Public Eye.

If you, your group, organization or someone you know can contribute the
entire amount I will personally  promise them the first 150 DVDs of the FULL
Version of the  Film Support? System Down:  signed- sealed - and delivered.


Go to www.paypal.com  and send any your donation to the email:




Below you will find a coupon code for $3.00 OFF anything on our website....
ORDER TODAY!!    Everything helps. 

Plus YOU will have FULL CREDIT (minus S&H) back on the full version later
this year by using the special code you will receive with your order.


CLICK THIS LINK and use this  CODE NOW!  :  supporter at check out for $3.00
OFF anything we have today! We need HELP so do it now!! Thank you.

rter> &sourceCode=supporter    Wear it proudly!


It is a great cause and getting into a festival at all is huge for this. We
need your support TODAY! 






We have been hitting the air waves with the film on XM with the Rollye James
show - see here:  http://www.rollye.net/BLOG-2.html 


We also hit Reuters and Market watch which is a very nice compliment:






 Search on the title of the news release. Yesterday it was at about 1400
hits! Which is also very good for the Festival as they are getting good hits
on there site. Please join us there and spread the word.


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